Friday, 10 April 2009

Stan's advert 3

My Completed Advert 2

My Completed Advert 1

This last week

My internet at home has been down all week so not been able to post my progress as I go, so will post it all now. I have been in school this week to edit; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and finished Thursday.

The main issues I had to sort where audio. There where a few transitions that needed changing, mainly cross dissolves as they slowed the pace which was not needed. Another issue I sorted was the stills of the fragrance, I did this by using photoshop to create three different stills, one of the fragrance, one with the fragrance and "release your inner essence" and one of the Calvin Klein logo. This resolved the problem of the other stills looking unproffesional.

The audio problems I had where the voice over and the music. The voice over had problems due to it bieng too quiet, but this was resolved by upping the volume on the microphone and bieng nearer the microphone, but not too close as it effected the quaility, so took alot of trial and improvment. The other voice over that was complex was the one in advert 2 "I love your fragrance" which was so hard as it had to be lip synced due to the outside noise on the origonal clip. I achievd this again through traila and improvment.

The music on advert 2 needed to be changed to fit in with the other adverts, so this meant going on Youtube and finding an apprpiate song. This was the case again for advert 1. Once I had the music the editing for theadvert was the hardest part, but again after rail and improvment and trying this on Audacity I finally got the music I needed.

Finally I made the first advert I made advert 3 in the campaign as its the only one which was aimed at women, so needed to establish the brand by having the two male adverts first.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Advert 3

After talking to my teacher, I have come to the realization that advert 3 is not clear enough, due to the fact the boy does not convey "geek" enough. I will fix this in the next shoot I do whilst alos changing it to have him sit down, so have the girl attracted by him and drawn in by the fragrance, making more sense than him going back to her. I have leaned through this to organise my filming more, so I know excatly what I need, so dont rush it and end up failing to achieve what I want. Therefore have discovered preparation is key, not just excucuation. I plan to film this again on Tuesday and edit Wenesday, so to finsih before the Easter holidays.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Advert 3 (new one)

This is my new advert 3 which I filmed last Wednesday. I have only had the chance to edit it today and this is what I have achieved. I really like it is as I think it includes humour well whilst sucseeding in its aim as an advert. Although I have struglled to find music fot it, therefore there is no transitions as I do not know the pace of it yet, however know it will be liek the second advert (R&B pace) or quicker like the 1st one. I will hopefully find some good music tonight and will add this either tommorow or Friday.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Deadline and next week

Sadly I have failed to meet the deadline of today. I believe the reason for this is that it has been increadibly hard to get the ecuiptment which is neccasary due to everyone rushing for the deadline. I have a new idea however for advert 3 which I will film hopefuly Tuesday, and hopefuly some time next week get to grasps with photosghop so to complete my advert 1 and 2. Furthermore I will edit the transitions on advert 1 to make it flow faster and put in a voice over of "release your inner essence". If all goes well I should be completed at the latest next friday.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Advert 2

I have changed this advert by adding the picture of the fragrance. Furthermore I have moved Steve's speaking so that it doesn't overlap with the music.

Honestly I would have liked to be at this situation where I have 3 near finished adverts last weekend, but due to there being no cameras last week I had to postpone, so now have 3 with only two days before the deadline. There is very little else I can do in terms of re filming now so work with what I already have. Overall I think my adverts are good, however the setting of the 3rd and second I feel give a bad mise en scene.

Advert 3 Carried On

I chose to carry on the theme of "release your inner essence" by having sweat patches as I think that also fits in with the fragrance. I kept the same turn and look which I have in the other two after spraying.

Advert 3

This is my advert 3 which I filmed yesterday and edited today. I was planning on filming it outside but was raining so decided to relocate, so I think it doesn't look as effective as it could but I am still pleased with it. The music I feel fits well, as I needed something upbeat but also romantic, so Michael Jackson seemed an obvious choice, as this is defiantly a song which will grad the audiences attention.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Frustraiting Day

Today had a big problem, I went to book out a camera to film advert 3, but there weren't any left, very annoying. I checked the booking out sheet and there should have been one or two free, but obviously not, cant begin to explain how frustrating that is. Everything else was fine, the weather, actors where free and ready, setting was okay to use, overall the preparation was perfect, yet that's no use when there are no cameras.

Although I know I'm not the sort of person to let something get in my way, so tomorrow will book a camera for Monday after school. I would do it sooner but have to ILP days for English and then a taster day at Southampton Solent on Friday. Wish I had booked out earlier, although I have learned from this and will book out early for Monday, this should guarantee the progress I need to make, which I am ready for.

Overall a very frustrating day in terms of filming, but will look on the positive side, I can prepare for Monday, and get on with other work whilst learning from this setback.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Since the start of my coursework I have made significant progress with my adverts, yet I feel I am still behind where I would preferably like to be. The reason for his I think is problems with time management at first, initial planning issues and inexperience with filming. I feel personaly I have developed a lot within myself in terms of planning my time, as honestly I see English as my first choice subject which I planned my future around (English and PR at university, going into PR and then eventually becoming an English teacher) so I thought I needed to put most my time and effort into English. However I have now learned that although my future may primarily focus on English I need to focus on all 3 of my subjects to get to university and put all my effort into all 3, as I have no problem with putting full effort into everything so now work to my full capability, not just in school but everything in life, and doing this coursework has taught me that all aspects in my life are equal, all parts of my life must be equal to achieve my aspirations (which are clear in my mind). This applies to my adverts as when I started I did lack behind with my planning which has effected the time I can put into each, however I have greatly improved this to work to my full potential, so now I feel what I am producing now is of my highest quality. Yet the time management issues at the beginning mean I am under pressure with the deadline, but I know I thrive under pressure so hopefully will still bring out my best.

In addition to time management skills, which will be incredibly important for PR I also feel I have developed and matured my creative side. Such skills as manipulation through what is communicated to the audience, and how to control this to divulge the ideologies which I want to show, a vital characteristic for PR which is good to mature through this, as before it was only seeing how others did this through literature. Furthermore another skill I have matured is Independence, I knew right from the beginning of this coursework that I wanted to work alone as I do like to get credit for my work, but also learn best from making my own mistakes. The mistakes I have made I have learned from (such as filming the hole advert in 1 go instead of sections). I have been like this for some time in my own life, however can put into action this characteristic was important for me, because as they say "words are cheap". I have proved to myself and others I am able to work by myself very well, under pressure and growing my understanding of new skills, as I have a hunger to learn, so to achieve my goals in life. This Independence was important to prove to myself as I have always worked well in a team, either leader or follower, but felt I had this side to myself but needed to prove I can work under solitude, which I can. Moreover for PR I learned that an in-house job is necessary, s from my adverts I have discovered I enjoy working on something I have a passion for, and could not work with a product I dislike as I know I have a lot of passion which I need to capulise upon.

I have for some time been a deep thinking person, not only about my own life but with such things as English literature or even music lyrics. This has developed though my coursework as it has given mean opportunity to evaluate my own work, reflect on it and analyse. I feel as of now I have a very good advert 1, meeting the codes and conventions I set for myself through my research, likewise advert 2 fits perfects and works very well. Although I would have liked to been able to finish them by now, but due to a poor start that isn't the case, but now I've improved my work ethic I'm getting there a lot faster and am on the right track.

My next steps are to complete advert 2 by re filming (planned for Thursday) and editing (Friday) and completing advert 1 by getting the picture which I need and the voice over. I will then start advert 3 hopefully the 1st of march, leaving enough time for re shoots and editing.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Comparing my Inspiration for Advert 2 to the actual advert

As I have already stated previously I am planning to re film advert 2 so cant compare it too much, however will compare the ideas and concepts whilst picking up key codes and conventions from it. The advert I am comparing mine to is in the below post.

Key Concepts from the advert;
  • Music that fits the one of advert
  • Close ups
  • Quick cuts
  • Subverting typical women stereotypes
  • Lots of Dialogue

These I feel are the main techniques which make the work so well.

The first thing that a viewer will be drawn o is the music, this is what will catch there attention if they are not watching or if they are will set the mood. This advert utilizes music very well as it fits the parts that are meant to be seductive whilst adds to the humour of some parts. I feel the music I chose, "Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On" achieves this also. It adds to the humour with subverting typical stereotypes of women as the music has to be seductive as it is a paradox of the usual impact of a fart. No song is better than "Lets Get It On" I feel as it is an iconic song representing sexiness, along with its lyrics, and can also reach a wide audience as my target audience will know of Marvin Gaye and more then likely be a fan so the music will catch their attention. It is for that purpose along with the seductiveness I chose this song, which also provides humour as it goes completely against the typical reaction to a fart, comparing to how the Lynx advert contrasting stereotypes.

Furthermore close ups are used to a great extent within the advert, they draw the viewer in and make them feel part of it by making the audience feel as if they are included. With my advert I have also included a lot of close ups to show the reactions of the people as they are key, not only to tell the story of disgust and then seduction but the impact of the fragrance which is the main ideology behind it and what I want to sell the fragrance to my target market through.

The inclusion of quick cuts within the Lynx advert provide the purpose of quickly going from one seen to the next, emphasising how many girls it can attract. However my advert only has one seen unlike the Lynx one which has many, so my cuts do not provide the same purpose. There are a few quick cuts such as when the boy sprays himself as it shows the speed of which the impact takes place whilst emphasising the product. Though are many cross dissolves and fade ins and outs which slow down the pace to go with the seductive tone which is created by the music.

The subverting of women stereotypes in the Lynx advert works very well as it creates the humour whilst showing the impact of Lynx. My advert I feel does this also very well as it has the humour of the girl liking when the man farts, emphasised by "I love your fragrance" which also represent the impact of the fragrance, moreover humour is made through the parody of "release your inner essence".

In the Lynx advert there is a lot of dialogue which creates the humour. I am not sure though if dialogue is needed as much in mine as the scenario is already made obvious through the diegetic sound of the fart and the music, whilst the line "I love your fragrance" merely adds to this. I feel more talk is not needed as the close ups of the reactions can tell the story better,m whilst the music and sound adds to it.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Inspiration For Advert 2

This is the advert which gave me the idea for advert 2:

This is the advert I will compare my advert 2 too when complete. I got the idea of a man farting and a girl liking it from this advert as it subverts the typical impression of women and what they would say in these situations, caused by the fragrance. Furthermore I though the fart would be a good parody of "release your inner essence".

New Idea For advert 1

After comparing my advert to the Lynx one I also had a great idea for the still photo of the fragrance for my advert. Above is a still of what inspired me.
I think for my advert one instead of having Jess hold the fragrance which would be so cheesey and cliche, I felt I needed a new idea. So my idea is having a still of the lads when steve has fainted, so a gap in the middle, and I will photoshop the fragrance over the gap in the middle. This will connote to the viewer the fragrance is what caused the men to be amazed. Furthermore having "release your inner essence" above this will show what happens when you spray the perfume, emphasised by the bottle. I will think this over, however I am thinking this idea could work very well.

Analysis so far

I feel I have already said what I wish to proceed with doing after half term, with regards to re filming and the 3rd advert. Although I believe now would be a good time to be reflective, however since my advert 2 will need to be re filmed I can't evaluate it to the extent I want to, so will focus on advert 1, which still needs a few minor tweaks such as the voice over and fragrance photo with the titles, but is pretty much complete.

Firstly to do this I have found another advert of very similar style, to compare my ideologies, theme and codes and conventions to.

Well the obvious difference is this is targeted solely for men, whereas my fragrance is uni-sex which means I have to appeal to both genders, advert 1 is more focused to market to females, but still has appeal for men, whereas advert 2 is mainly for men but ladies can see the funny side of it and buy into it also.

The first thing that draws the viewer in in this advert I feel is the music. The soundtrack is very uplifting with a catchy rhythm tat will stay in the audiences head, adding to the adverts success as it impacts the viewer. Furthermore this music is diegetic sound as they are in a club, emphasised with the beaty 80's music, denoting they are in a relaxed place having fun, and appealing to a younger market that will go out to clubs, and the older range of people who go out often as they will know the song. The music captures the essence of what is happening, emphasising the fun and appealing lifestyle, presented also through the lyrics "I like to party", proving once more whom the fragrance is aimed at, the younger who go out to clubs often, any skin colour as the music is fun and full of rhythm with the added appeal of it being R&B to appeal to a more African American segment, moreover it is seen as an advert appealing to the younger as some older adults would not approve of the culture of clubbing and picking up girls.

This compares to my advert as the music is again very likable, with a good fast paced rhythm that will appeal to most. The lyrics also can represent the narrative, "here she comes again" portraying she is on their mind through "again", yet also implying they do not pay to much attention to her, similar to the opening of my advert. However the chorus "shes at the top of her game" connotes how she is sexy, appealing and on their minds, shown through my footage of the boys looking on in awe. These lyrics also show that the girl can be appealing and attractive through spraying the fragrance which gives her the confidence to release the naughty side concealed in her, "release your inner essence" represents this, and poor the water down herself to attract the boys. Although both very contrasting of music, they both portray the same emotion of having fun, which I want Calvin Klein Obsession to denote, hence why I changed the typical PR marketing of it being sophisticated and only for the beautiful, as spraying this perfume will release your inner beauty/naughtier side. Another big paradox with my music is that it is not diegetic, the Lynx advert being in a club allows for music to be there, however mine had to be added as obviously outside there is no music. Although I did notice there was no sound of footsteps or other diegetic sounds in the club, which is a common code and convention with these types of adverts, hence why in mine there is no sound of footsteps, water flowing or sound of the boy hitting the ground, as it would take away the impact of the song. I think the song works really well, it compares to the professional advert in impact as it is a song which will stay in the viewers head, reminding them of my advert, furthermore t sets the scene for my advert, it is the first thing that the viewer will notice so has the effect of alluring them whilst portraying the scenario.

In addition to the sound giving it pace, in the Lynx advert there is also only mainly straight cuts, which adds to the speed of it. This I have followed to some extent within mine, especialy with the bit where she sprays herself, which I wanted fast as it represents how fast the fragrance is to work. I think this comes of really well as there is a variety of different shots which emphasises the fastness of it. Furthermore this speed is established by the contrast of slower cross dissolves and fades earlier on in my advert. I used this editing as I felt I first needed to establish the narrative, which was not shown through the mice en scene like the club in the Lynx advert. I felt also it was needed to establish the setting a it is key to portraying the meaning of the advert and the impact of the fragrance. I think my choice of editing works very ell as it gives pace when needed but slows it down when necessary.

Something I touched on before was the variety of shots, within the Lynx advert there are only a few different ones, as most are mid shots or close ups. This is the same in mine, most of the advert is in mid shot view so the audience sees the main action that is progressing. Although I did use a long distance shot for my establishing shot to present that the boys where walking and it sets the scene well. The close ups where only used in my advert when Jess is spraying herself and when she is pouring water down herself, it was important to have close ups here as it brings the viewer more into the action, emphasising what she is doing and the importance of it. I think these shots worked well, however I do wish I had a few more close up shots of her pouring water as I feel it lacks to some extent, although I think I covered this up well with the boys actions after she had done this.

I would say the one aspect of my advert I am disappointed with is the mise en scene, it shows it was a cold day, wet and windy and dreary looking building do not portray the fun theme I wanted. Especially comparing to the Lynx advert with a club being the setting. If I could change this I would have it on a sunny day on a nice park or field somewhere.

Overall I really like my first advert, it portrays the ideologies and themes I wanted it to whilst showing the impact of the fragrance which I wanted. I put my advert up on Facebook and this is some of the feedback I have had, which I value as they fit my target audience. "thats amazing!ahahaha the guys make me chuckle and jess looks so smug lol" and "thats wellll goood!". So I think with my first advert I have met the codes and conventions well, subverted the typical marketing PR of Calvin Klein and made an advert that appeals to my target audience.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Advert 2

I was planning on re filming today however was unable as my main actor has rehersals for his perfoming arts performance tomorrow, so looks like will have to wait until after half term. Although I am again determined as soon as possible will re film as before had a prety much completed advert with he only main problem bieng the setting, so I believe very early next half term will have my second advert completeted.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Advert 2

This is my advert 2 so far. I really think it is shaping up nicely, I learned from the experiences with the 1st advert that I should just film it all in one go and re film what I need. As I have said before the weather was a problem yesterday, but overcome by filming inside. It still needs a soundtrack at the start I think, not sure what yet but just something to match the awkwardness, nothing with lyrics really just a beat. Plus I need to edit the song at the end to be quieter to hear Steve, and need to add something to show the product more clearly, maybe just a title saying "Calvin Klein Obsession" along with "release your inner essence". I think the music I do have works perfectly as it has all the sexual connotations that come with Marvin Gaye, adding to the fragrances effect and i edited it to cut out a part not needed so t have the part at the start everyone knows (especially my target audience) and then goes to "lets get it on".

The main point of this advert is to have a girl saying something she would never say, ie liking the boy farting, so this liking is created through the power of the fragrances effect. Furthermore its a parody of "release your inner essence" hence the fart, which I believe will be appealing to the males (has been very positively commented on by males on Facebook so that proves my theory). Advert 1 is aimed at females whereas advert 2 is aimed at males because Calvin Klein Obsession is a uni sex spray.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Todays filming - advert 2

Today I filmed advert 2. I have learned from the 1st one and filmed all the shots in one, so I only need to film again for re shoots. I think the footage I have is very good, and will amount to a very good advert, I couldn't film outside due to the weather (again!) but thought it wouldnt change to much having it inside. I will put up what I have tomorrow or Friday.

Advert 1 so far

This is my advert 1 so far, as you can see I have re filmed the lads so its all in the same weather, plus I have changed the music so to fit in, which I found very difficult as the singing really makes it hard to edit as you can tell where its been cut, so I worked on this and am very happy with the final out come. Still need to change the photo and titles, which I will do once I have a picture of Jess, which i may not be able to do tomorrow as she has a test, but Friday hopefully can do this and have a lot of frees to work on this, furthermore need to geta girl again to say "release your iner essance" as its very quiet hence why its at the end which doesnot work, and will have this done by friday, so far on track!

Monday, 26 January 2009

So far, so good!

Today I managed to to re film the lads for advert 1, I haven't checked the footage yet but I'm presuming its all good. This means I will have the necessary footage to complete this advert maybe tomorrow. I can now edit the music to fit in with the new music, which in turn means I can edit the transitions and so forth, so it all seems to be wrapping up well for advert 1. Just need to get on with it tomorrow, also needing to sort out the still of Calvin Klein, but once that is done I'm on road to completing it, meeting my deadline I set myself yesterday. Had a slight problem today in that the camera ran out of battery very fast, only had about 2 minutes, but I coped with this by only having it on when needed, and have learned my lesson to always check how long the battery life is on the camera before I take it out.

I can foresee a problem for advert 2 though...I wanted to film Tuesday after school, but Jess is in a PE revision class and Steve has performing Arts rehearsal, so I was hopeful for Wednesday as Steve and Jess are both free...but i might not be, have to go to Oxford for a hospital appointment (very bad timing but couldn't not go as a lot of people had gone out of their way there to get me that appointment and wont get another one for months) the appointment is at 11, so this means I will probably miss the lesson (very annoying as I have to start a new topic by catching up but as everyone keeps on telling me health comes 1st suppose) but providing traffic is okay will be back for end of school, so can film advert 2.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

What I've Learned So far From Doing Advert 1

The major thing I've learned from filming advert 1 is to do film the next to in one go (or as close to as possible). This is due to the fact I filmed advert 1 in different goes, therefore the whether has been a major issue, likewise people wearing the same clothes. So for the next adverts I will try to film the whole advert in 1 go, and only re film what is necessary, not to further the narrative.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Sadly it looks like I'm not going to meet the deadline for this week, but I think most disappointing for me is that I missed my own deadline I set myself. Although looking back with hindsight i can see why this happened, I had 3 exams which I had to exert a lot of focus towards as I believe what you put into something is what you will get out of it, so hopefully as I put the hard work into the exams my grade will represent that. But with these exams the adverts had to take back seat for a while, I still worked on them but not as much as I would liked to but exams then where priority. Yet now they are finished and this week I am very determined to at the very least complete my 1st advert which is shaping up nicely and get going on the 2nd one. I know this week I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday in Oxford which I cant get out of, but I wont let this get in the way of working on my adverts. Hopefully if evryone is free for filming I will re film the lads on Monday during my frees or at last resort after school even though I have planned to do English work then, but coursework now is proity. Of course the weather plays a big importance, and can only hope that its suitable unlike last time. Once I have this footage I can really get working on completing advert 1, as I tried after school on Thursday to work on it but realised most of what i had to do depended on either that footage, or would change once I have that footage, fr example there is no point changing the music to fit in yet as the timings will differ with the new footage. I am very determined a passionate about meeting my own deadline now, and believe this time next week my advert 2 will be up and running, I can now put this top of my list of things to do.

On Thursday though I did manage to edit the clip where Jess looked on wondering why the boys didn't pay more attention to her and longing for their appreciation. I made this clip longer by getting rid of the cross dissolve I had and and putting in one which is a lot faster, so to keep with the rhythm of the music, but most importantly to represent this sadness and longing more to the viewer, so to contrast with how she feels after putting on the perfume, so the perfume is the catalyst and stimulus for these new emotions.

Next week I plan to:

  • Re-film the lads (hopefully Monday in my frees) and change the first shot of them, probably a side shot and they will look on pointing but not over acting too much
  • Edit the voice over at the start as it is not necessary, the story is told through the action/footage and action, and maybe have just "release your inner essence" at the end
  • Change the editing near the end (after Jess takes her coat off) so to look more professional, as some of the transitions can look a bit slow or sloppy and not fit in, I will try to make them fit in with he beat of the music
  • Change the image, hopefully I'll be able to use photoshop to get a still of Jess holding the bottle, I'm not sure yet but will defiantly know soon, and will get someone to help me with photoshop as have no idea how to use it.
  • Change the font and position of the text, but I will only know where to do put it and how it should look after I've done the photoshop for the bottle.
  • Finally once this is done the music will be out of sync with the footage so I'll fix that and hopeful then will have a complete advert.

If all this goes to plan, which I promised to myself I will try my utmost hardest to make sure it will, I can get going on my second advert by latest Friday.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My Advert 1 So Far

This is my advert 1 so far, I am very happy it in many ways. I have added a still of the perfume bottle near the end, so to emphasise Calvin Klein obsession as what Jess sprays could be any perfume. Although it would look more effective if the transitions where longer for it so it almost merged with Jess walking so it would show the perfume is what made her exotic. I think this would be very effetcive and will work on it when I next have the chance.

Furthermore to this I added the "release your inner essence" motto, which I really like, especially coming up as soon as Jess has just stunned the boys, but I feel I need also to add Calvin Klein Obsession so to add to the effect being presented as coming from this brand of perfume.

cThe voive over I think is excellent. I had a lot of trouble at first with having it with the music as the talk over cant go as loud as the music a. I still think now that I will make the music a bit more quiet at the start so to emphasise the voice over, which is what will at first draw the reader in and engage them. Likewise to this the music when it gets louder i too loud and needs to be made a bit quieter as Right now it is too much of a comparison.

I did not ave the chance today to re film the boys as they where not free (revising) and sadly I cant tomorrow as I have a test then revision lesson. And seeing as they have lessons on friday i might need to re film on Monday, meaning I might miss the deadline I set myself, although I dnt see this as too much of a problem as it is only 1 day, and if I work on Friday with he other changes I need to make I have the opportunity to have the 1st advert finished by Tuesday, and after Wednesday i have no more exams till the summer so can really get going with them.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Voice Over

Today I added a voice over to accompany the video, I used Jess (the same girl as I used in the advert) and she said seductively and sexily the voice over I have in the last post. This was hard at first as I had never done this and needed a quite place, easier said than done at break. However we found an empty classroom and the recording want very well.

Once uploaded onto my work, I had the problem that the music was still too loud for it to be heard, which I fixed by lowering the volume of the music. I think this works very well, as the start music is very beaty, and with a seductive voice over it really emphasises the sexiness of my advert. Furthermore I separated voice over into 6 separate parts, so to be able to move them across the timeline, and realised they worked best before she caught the boys attention: as that is what she is speaking about wanting. In addition to this having the volume become louder when she gets their attention ads emphasise on the girl and this part, the crucial part of the advert, as it tells the story of what the perfume achieves doing.

For tomorrow I have prepared a shot of the perfume with pink background which connotes its for girls. This I will add to my advert at the end with a zoom maybe so to add to its effect by drawing the viewer in. On top of this picture I will have the motto "release your inner essence" so to once more show the point of what the perfume does. I will try once I've done this to post the video up here again.

I will also try to re-film the lads reaction (depending on the weather, hopefully no snow or rain!) and replace the older ones where it shows it is snowing. By the I think my advert should be complete, maybe a few minor adjustments, I am hoping I can stick to this schedule as I have an exam on Thursday and two next week so need to finish this advert as soon as I can so o concentrate on advert 2. Right now I believe I am on track to meet the deadline of two completed adverts by the 30th of Jan.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

My Advert 1 so far

So far my advert 1 I think is really progressing and looking good. I am on course to have it completed for next week. I will need to re-shoot the boys reaction as is happened to snow as soon as I started filming, but I decided to go ahead with it so to gage how it would look. The music is a lot better now I have cut the start as the lyrics "here she comes again" fits in with her walking. Likewise having the chorus hit as soon as she starts pouring the water means it gives an added effect to it. Also the music is quieter at the start so to allow for a voice over I will get a girl to do next week. For advert 1 I still need to:
  • Re-film the boys reactions
  • Get a voice over
  • add the image of the Calvin klien Obsession bottle

The voice over I have planned to say the following:

Tired of not being noticed

Want the boys attention

Its only 1 spray away

release your inner essence

Leave them stunned