Friday, 10 April 2009

Stan's advert 3

My Completed Advert 2

My Completed Advert 1

This last week

My internet at home has been down all week so not been able to post my progress as I go, so will post it all now. I have been in school this week to edit; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and finished Thursday.

The main issues I had to sort where audio. There where a few transitions that needed changing, mainly cross dissolves as they slowed the pace which was not needed. Another issue I sorted was the stills of the fragrance, I did this by using photoshop to create three different stills, one of the fragrance, one with the fragrance and "release your inner essence" and one of the Calvin Klein logo. This resolved the problem of the other stills looking unproffesional.

The audio problems I had where the voice over and the music. The voice over had problems due to it bieng too quiet, but this was resolved by upping the volume on the microphone and bieng nearer the microphone, but not too close as it effected the quaility, so took alot of trial and improvment. The other voice over that was complex was the one in advert 2 "I love your fragrance" which was so hard as it had to be lip synced due to the outside noise on the origonal clip. I achievd this again through traila and improvment.

The music on advert 2 needed to be changed to fit in with the other adverts, so this meant going on Youtube and finding an apprpiate song. This was the case again for advert 1. Once I had the music the editing for theadvert was the hardest part, but again after rail and improvment and trying this on Audacity I finally got the music I needed.

Finally I made the first advert I made advert 3 in the campaign as its the only one which was aimed at women, so needed to establish the brand by having the two male adverts first.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Advert 3

After talking to my teacher, I have come to the realization that advert 3 is not clear enough, due to the fact the boy does not convey "geek" enough. I will fix this in the next shoot I do whilst alos changing it to have him sit down, so have the girl attracted by him and drawn in by the fragrance, making more sense than him going back to her. I have leaned through this to organise my filming more, so I know excatly what I need, so dont rush it and end up failing to achieve what I want. Therefore have discovered preparation is key, not just excucuation. I plan to film this again on Tuesday and edit Wenesday, so to finsih before the Easter holidays.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Advert 3 (new one)

This is my new advert 3 which I filmed last Wednesday. I have only had the chance to edit it today and this is what I have achieved. I really like it is as I think it includes humour well whilst sucseeding in its aim as an advert. Although I have struglled to find music fot it, therefore there is no transitions as I do not know the pace of it yet, however know it will be liek the second advert (R&B pace) or quicker like the 1st one. I will hopefully find some good music tonight and will add this either tommorow or Friday.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Deadline and next week

Sadly I have failed to meet the deadline of today. I believe the reason for this is that it has been increadibly hard to get the ecuiptment which is neccasary due to everyone rushing for the deadline. I have a new idea however for advert 3 which I will film hopefuly Tuesday, and hopefuly some time next week get to grasps with photosghop so to complete my advert 1 and 2. Furthermore I will edit the transitions on advert 1 to make it flow faster and put in a voice over of "release your inner essence". If all goes well I should be completed at the latest next friday.