Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Advert 1 Editing

Recently I have been editing my advert 1. I believe it is really shaping up to be a very good advert. Today I edited the song so that the chorus (the most upbeat part of it) start as soon as Jess starts pouring the water to add to theeffect. also to emphasise this effect I made it slow motion which looks amazing and I think adds to the humour of it. Although to make this more effective I will have to re-shoot this part and add a few bits where Jess will get a bit more into it. However i will do this once I have filmed the boys reaction to it (all looking in awe + one of them fainting) as after this I may not need to re-film Jess if the reaction from the boys looks good.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My slogan

Today suddenly a slogan came to me that I thought would be great, its;

Release your inner essence

This I thought would be great as its pretty slapstick and not serious so will fit in with my advert campaign. "Release" fits in with the perfume in terms of spraying representing releaseing. "your" included the audience and personalises theadvert, presnting that it could be you, the audience. "inner" suggests that its an inner personality which has to be released. Finally "essense" connotes a smell or fragrance which obverisly represnts the perfume, although it can also be interpretated as personality, which needs to be released through the perfume. I think this fits in graet and is a very good slogan to use. Please give some feedback on my advert so far and my slogan and tell me what you think.

My Advert 1 So Far

This is what I have so far for my 1st advert. I still need to add two more shots one with the lads looking shocked and in awe, and the last all staring in awe and the middle man faints. I believe this will be very funny and emphaisise the powerfulness of the fragrance. I will film these two shots hoipefuly on monday and fingers crossed can finish my advert by tuesday after a bit more editing, also have to edit the music a bit to fit in. Then I will starton advert 2, and will upload the finished product of advert 1 to see what you guys think :)

The main narrative of this is that the girl walks by without the men noticing, shes disapionted so sprays herself with the perfume, in which makes the lads turn from the great smell, whilst it excites her and reveals her inner personality so therefore entices the boys by pouring water down herself which arouses the boys even more (what she initaialy wnated, the boys to notice her) she then walks of leaving boys stunned and her pleased with herself.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

My Filiming Today

Todays filming went amazing I thought, I filmed all the ending sections I needed with the mian feamale character, got shots of her pouring water down herself in a seducing way ad walking off very sectivley. It all looked great on camera and should fit in very well with the footage I already have. The only problem today was that it was freezing but my actress Jess was so nice and still went ahead with it :) overall the footage I have is great in my belief.

I also did some editing earlier today and advert 1 is really starting to come together, I also added the song for it and goes great with it, I will upload what I've done earlier today tomorow morning and report back on how it looks.

Monday, 10 November 2008

How my 1st filming of advert 1 went

It went fairly well, there where a few problems in that were i wanted to film was unavaliable due to there being a PE club very near but was easily solved by moving to a new position, and the weather was a prodominat problem in that it was raining, but it shouldnt effect the final product. When editing i realised something was wrong with my camera and all came out as one clip, but i overcame this by editing and seperaing each clip manualy which didnt tke much time. I have realised I have a few good shots which i can use but will need to re film certain bits which i am thinking i will do on wednesday if able. I will post how it went then.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I am planning to film tommorow some of advert 1, I'll have to wait to see what the weather is like to see which parts i can film, hopefuly its alright, i have informed the people I need to ac tin it, will book out the camera tommorow morning and hopefuly after school will get alot of great footage, I will update my blog tommorow on how it went, so until then I've done all the preparation I can so fingers crossed.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The concept of my new Idea

Sorry I haven't updated anything recently, I have been working on it but have been wrapped up with seeing unis and catching up with all my other work, the only day I had off was my bday.

Anyway I thought I would explain my new concepts to everyone. Basically my new idea is kind of similar to Lynx and WKD Vodka. Lynx as the idea of spraying the fragrance and then being totally attractive to the other sex, and WKD as it is meant to bring out an inside emotion which is different to ones usual character, like having a WKD side.