Sunday, 29 March 2009

Advert 3

After talking to my teacher, I have come to the realization that advert 3 is not clear enough, due to the fact the boy does not convey "geek" enough. I will fix this in the next shoot I do whilst alos changing it to have him sit down, so have the girl attracted by him and drawn in by the fragrance, making more sense than him going back to her. I have leaned through this to organise my filming more, so I know excatly what I need, so dont rush it and end up failing to achieve what I want. Therefore have discovered preparation is key, not just excucuation. I plan to film this again on Tuesday and edit Wenesday, so to finsih before the Easter holidays.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Advert 3 (new one)

This is my new advert 3 which I filmed last Wednesday. I have only had the chance to edit it today and this is what I have achieved. I really like it is as I think it includes humour well whilst sucseeding in its aim as an advert. Although I have struglled to find music fot it, therefore there is no transitions as I do not know the pace of it yet, however know it will be liek the second advert (R&B pace) or quicker like the 1st one. I will hopefully find some good music tonight and will add this either tommorow or Friday.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Deadline and next week

Sadly I have failed to meet the deadline of today. I believe the reason for this is that it has been increadibly hard to get the ecuiptment which is neccasary due to everyone rushing for the deadline. I have a new idea however for advert 3 which I will film hopefuly Tuesday, and hopefuly some time next week get to grasps with photosghop so to complete my advert 1 and 2. Furthermore I will edit the transitions on advert 1 to make it flow faster and put in a voice over of "release your inner essence". If all goes well I should be completed at the latest next friday.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Advert 2

I have changed this advert by adding the picture of the fragrance. Furthermore I have moved Steve's speaking so that it doesn't overlap with the music.

Honestly I would have liked to be at this situation where I have 3 near finished adverts last weekend, but due to there being no cameras last week I had to postpone, so now have 3 with only two days before the deadline. There is very little else I can do in terms of re filming now so work with what I already have. Overall I think my adverts are good, however the setting of the 3rd and second I feel give a bad mise en scene.

Advert 3 Carried On

I chose to carry on the theme of "release your inner essence" by having sweat patches as I think that also fits in with the fragrance. I kept the same turn and look which I have in the other two after spraying.

Advert 3

This is my advert 3 which I filmed yesterday and edited today. I was planning on filming it outside but was raining so decided to relocate, so I think it doesn't look as effective as it could but I am still pleased with it. The music I feel fits well, as I needed something upbeat but also romantic, so Michael Jackson seemed an obvious choice, as this is defiantly a song which will grad the audiences attention.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Frustraiting Day

Today had a big problem, I went to book out a camera to film advert 3, but there weren't any left, very annoying. I checked the booking out sheet and there should have been one or two free, but obviously not, cant begin to explain how frustrating that is. Everything else was fine, the weather, actors where free and ready, setting was okay to use, overall the preparation was perfect, yet that's no use when there are no cameras.

Although I know I'm not the sort of person to let something get in my way, so tomorrow will book a camera for Monday after school. I would do it sooner but have to ILP days for English and then a taster day at Southampton Solent on Friday. Wish I had booked out earlier, although I have learned from this and will book out early for Monday, this should guarantee the progress I need to make, which I am ready for.

Overall a very frustrating day in terms of filming, but will look on the positive side, I can prepare for Monday, and get on with other work whilst learning from this setback.