Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Evaluation of my work so far - what I will do next year

At this moment I have an almost completed advert 1 (needs just a few tweaks and other shots) which shouldnt take too long, it advertises the product, has a good humourous narrative and an upbeat and catchy song.

I did not manage to meet the deadline as I had alot of work from drama with the drama exam conflicting witht he deadline which didnt only effect me but most my actors. For the deadline we where meant to have rough cuts of all 3 madverts, which I do not. Although once back from xmas can complete advert 1 easily and get working on the other ones fast, although I do foresee a problem with having two other media exams in jan along with an English exam, which will effect me, but all three are less time consuming than drama so hopefuly will find the time for my adverts, I doubt I will have any problems when I get back in completing the filming pretty fast. so i believe by the end of feb I will have defiantly met the deadline, maybe even finished before if i really put the work in, and with the whole month of feb free from exams I should be able to do this as can pirotise the media production.

Although this has not been an easy process for me so far. At first it took a while to get on its feet as my storyboards semed to lack something and I couldnt quite see what it was, until I changed my idea away from the R&B style, which helped very much giving fresh new ideas, and enabled me to be able to add a bit of humour. Othe rproblems whilst filming included the weather which was very unpredictable with mist and rain on days, although once this was over come it went alright. another problem once filming I had to sort out was that my oriogional position to film was bieng used by a PE lesson so hd to find another place, although this worked very well as now its almost a school parady made by the the mise en scene which will appeal to the target audience more. The cameras would cause me problems when I tried to export as it would run out of battery and the charger would be broken so would have to take the battery out and then charge it to get the tape out, and once out it all was one clip which 4 mins long, although this was overcome with cutting the scenes only taking ten mins. In addition to this I have struggled to film recently as have been feeling very ill (like most I have caught the bug) and havehad the problem of my actors wanting to work extra shifts to raise money for xmas which means they have less free time and have not been able to meet my shooting schedule, but this will change next year as they will be free in Jan and Feb.

Overall though the main problem I have is tha the mise en scene doesnt truely fit in, as the school like surroundings add to a certain extent to the narrative, but I cant help but feel my initial place to film would have been better, however I now have so much filming I dont think I can re-shoot.

Next year I do not know the exact dates as I need to see whn people are free, so have no shooting schedule quite yet. Although I know I can finish ad 1 within the 1st and atleast second weeks back which means I will be right on track to finich all 3 adverts by the middle of Feb, and have the rest of time until the deadline for re touches and defining it to make it better.

My Advert 2 Storyboards

My Advert 1 Storyboards

Conventions of Advertising Continued

The client is the consumer in which an advertising company will target. they are a single member of their target audience, which they will try to entice and make want their product through the advertising process.

An ad agency is an outsider company who's specialist at advertising, and companies can hire them to advertise their product. this company is very similar to PR. The company will hire from the ad agency and pitch to them their product, target audience, and a primary marketing scheme. the ad agency will then build upon this with their specialist skills so to create a great advertising campaign which serves its purpose. The advantages of an ad agency over full timed hired employees, as it saves on wages and the company benefit from experts at advertising.

Conventions of Advertising

Advertising is very closely linked to marketing and PR. It is the form in which all media companies will try to show off their products to the consumers.
the process of advertising is a very important one within most compnaies as its the creates the drive from the consumer to buy it. A good advertising campaign should entice their target audience into making the client want to buy thisd product. A very well used process within the adverts now is to sell not soley the product, but an ideology. For example Flora margerine companies wont just advertsie the margerine, but also an ideoligy of a happy family all siting around a table eating breakfast; this is what they are really selling. Of course this cant happen just from buying Flora margerine, however Flora making this seem as if it is true means it is a great advertsing scheme, which fills its purpose to sell.

Likewise things like kitchen and toilet cleaners will advertsie the product with not an ideoligy of family, but makiing the audience say "how did I ever live without this?" They achieve this by representing the product as so useful and so superior that it beats all the competition (shown when they will usauly compare it to another brand) and have everyone react so amazed to it on the advert, the consumer wll forget its just a cosmetic product and believe its a miracle worker.

Another scheme used by compnaies to sell their product through advertising can be humour. Comedy if used tastefuly and noty over the top can work brilliantly. For example the Lynx adverts always show humour, but always manage to send out a very strong message; Lynx will make you more attractive. this comedy effect is very hard to get correct but when its in balanced its a great way to entice an audience. It has very simple messages yet promotes the product very well.

Most adverts will also always have a lead character, someone rememberale and likeable. this lead character may have a slogan or a specific personna in which they play which advertsies the product. Slogans and characters are used in the same way, through representation of them loving the product, and if the audience respond well to the character they too will wnat it, although it does not have to be a real life character, some of the best characters are puppets such as the PG Tips Monkey.

Advertsing is key as its the main way to build a rapport between the company and product (besides PR). Without this process their would be an empty hole within the chain of distribution from where it is created to when it is sold, knowone will buy an unknown product. Additionally it can help with market research, knowing what the consumer likes allows for gaps in the market, new ideas and knowing what the public want improved.

the main ways in which to advertise are the following:
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Brouchers
  • Internet
  • Bill Boards
  • Flyers

A good compnay and advertsiing scheme will embody all of these for the most powerful advertsing campaign possible to captivate the most people into wanting their product.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Problems this week

I had been planning to film on monday and tuesday although this has not been possible as I have been feeling ill (seems I have caught the bug going around) and theweather has been terrible and very misty. I hope I feel better tommorow and the weather clears up so I will be able to film for advert 1.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

This is my advert 1 so far. I still need to film the boys reaction to her. sort out the image of the perfume and include my slogan with the image, edit down the song and maybe re film Jess depending how it looks after all of the previous. 

The bits I really like and think work well are the;
  • Music - as I believe it fits my target audience well and is very catchy and upbeat, comparing to the main female and what the effects of the perfume are. 
  • The transitions work very well, especially the push when the boys all look in awe at her as it also adds to the comedic effect whilst portraying her as eye catching. In addition to this the clips with no transitions, such as the spraying of the perfume work very well as its fast paced which I want as it connotes it being an easy way of achieving attraction. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Advert 1 Editing

Recently I have been editing my advert 1. I believe it is really shaping up to be a very good advert. Today I edited the song so that the chorus (the most upbeat part of it) start as soon as Jess starts pouring the water to add to theeffect. also to emphasise this effect I made it slow motion which looks amazing and I think adds to the humour of it. Although to make this more effective I will have to re-shoot this part and add a few bits where Jess will get a bit more into it. However i will do this once I have filmed the boys reaction to it (all looking in awe + one of them fainting) as after this I may not need to re-film Jess if the reaction from the boys looks good.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My slogan

Today suddenly a slogan came to me that I thought would be great, its;

Release your inner essence

This I thought would be great as its pretty slapstick and not serious so will fit in with my advert campaign. "Release" fits in with the perfume in terms of spraying representing releaseing. "your" included the audience and personalises theadvert, presnting that it could be you, the audience. "inner" suggests that its an inner personality which has to be released. Finally "essense" connotes a smell or fragrance which obverisly represnts the perfume, although it can also be interpretated as personality, which needs to be released through the perfume. I think this fits in graet and is a very good slogan to use. Please give some feedback on my advert so far and my slogan and tell me what you think.

My Advert 1 So Far

This is what I have so far for my 1st advert. I still need to add two more shots one with the lads looking shocked and in awe, and the last all staring in awe and the middle man faints. I believe this will be very funny and emphaisise the powerfulness of the fragrance. I will film these two shots hoipefuly on monday and fingers crossed can finish my advert by tuesday after a bit more editing, also have to edit the music a bit to fit in. Then I will starton advert 2, and will upload the finished product of advert 1 to see what you guys think :)

The main narrative of this is that the girl walks by without the men noticing, shes disapionted so sprays herself with the perfume, in which makes the lads turn from the great smell, whilst it excites her and reveals her inner personality so therefore entices the boys by pouring water down herself which arouses the boys even more (what she initaialy wnated, the boys to notice her) she then walks of leaving boys stunned and her pleased with herself.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

My Filiming Today

Todays filming went amazing I thought, I filmed all the ending sections I needed with the mian feamale character, got shots of her pouring water down herself in a seducing way ad walking off very sectivley. It all looked great on camera and should fit in very well with the footage I already have. The only problem today was that it was freezing but my actress Jess was so nice and still went ahead with it :) overall the footage I have is great in my belief.

I also did some editing earlier today and advert 1 is really starting to come together, I also added the song for it and goes great with it, I will upload what I've done earlier today tomorow morning and report back on how it looks.

Monday, 10 November 2008

How my 1st filming of advert 1 went

It went fairly well, there where a few problems in that were i wanted to film was unavaliable due to there being a PE club very near but was easily solved by moving to a new position, and the weather was a prodominat problem in that it was raining, but it shouldnt effect the final product. When editing i realised something was wrong with my camera and all came out as one clip, but i overcame this by editing and seperaing each clip manualy which didnt tke much time. I have realised I have a few good shots which i can use but will need to re film certain bits which i am thinking i will do on wednesday if able. I will post how it went then.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I am planning to film tommorow some of advert 1, I'll have to wait to see what the weather is like to see which parts i can film, hopefuly its alright, i have informed the people I need to ac tin it, will book out the camera tommorow morning and hopefuly after school will get alot of great footage, I will update my blog tommorow on how it went, so until then I've done all the preparation I can so fingers crossed.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The concept of my new Idea

Sorry I haven't updated anything recently, I have been working on it but have been wrapped up with seeing unis and catching up with all my other work, the only day I had off was my bday.

Anyway I thought I would explain my new concepts to everyone. Basically my new idea is kind of similar to Lynx and WKD Vodka. Lynx as the idea of spraying the fragrance and then being totally attractive to the other sex, and WKD as it is meant to bring out an inside emotion which is different to ones usual character, like having a WKD side.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Shooting Schedule

Film advert 1
Tues 4th
Wed 5th
Thur 6th
Fri 7th

editing for advert 1:
Mon 10th
Tue 11th

Filming Advert
Wed 12th
Thur 13th
Fri 14th
Mon 15th

editing for advert 2
Tue 18th
Wed 19th

Filming advert 3
Thur 20th
Fri 21st
Mon 24th
Tue 25th

editing for advert 3:
Wed 26th
Thur 27th

This is not exact as some of the dates will probaly change as I havent asked the people acting in my advert if they are free but i will suspect they will be for most. i have alot of time left at the end too re film anything I need to and mostly concentrate on editing.

My new storyboards and treatment

Yestarday I completeted my 3 new storyboards which I am unable to upload currently, although when able I will do as soon as possible. However this is my treatmeant which will hopefuly help you to understand my new storyboards, concepts and ideoligies behind it:


My product is Calvin Klien Obsession which is a fragrance for males and females. I chose this because I wanted a fragrance for both sex’s and Calvin Klien is a well known respected name. The main ideology which I am trying to sell through my adverts is that this fragrance can change somebody into what they want to be, allowing them to be more attractive to the opposite sex.

The target audience

My target audience is 15-40. I chose this because this is the main age that people will be going out, and wanting fragrances to smell good. It starts at a young age as I believe that this age group also want to aspire to be like their elders whom will where fragrances. In addition to this there are no other fragrances which target this age so there is no competition. Furthermore my type of slapstick advert will appeal to this age group whilst also appealing to the older section of it due to the scenarios and ideologies are desired by all people.

The USP (unique selling point)

My unique selling point is the humour involved within my adverts. The ideology off spraying the fragrance and then being more attractive to the other gender is something which is also used by Lynx, however to contrast my fragrance from this I will include a more slapstick style approach to it, whilst also appealing to girls which Lynx fails to do.

Advert 1

My first advert opens with an establishing shot of the setting and of the main female character. This is to introduce to the audience the main character and the surroundings. Next the four boys are shown; however they pay no attention to the girl walking. The girl who can now be seen with a water bottle takes a drink as the boys walk past again showing no interest towards her, this disappoints her. Although she gets the perfume bottle out off her pocket and sprays herself, in unison all the boys turn and stare at her in an amazed way. She then notices this so gets the bottle of water and pours it over her head, and posing in an attractive and luring way to the boys who again stare in awe. She then walks off with a wide grin whilst the men are still watching. Then there is a fade out and a still of the bottle of perfume to show which perfume is being advertised. After this it goes back to the women walking and she walks past another girl whom she passes the water bottle and perfume to, this other girl then sprays herself with the perfume and in unison again all the men turn to look at her.

Advert 2

This opens with an establishing shot of a boy sitting on the floor in scruffy clothes looking sad. This changes to a long distance view to a girl whom is walking towards him, this catches his attention. Although the women walks past whilst the boy looks in awe. He then goes to his bag and pulls out the fragrance which he sprays over himself. At once there is a straight cut to the women who turns to look at him in awe, when the camera goes back to the boy he is now standing up, looking happy with a suit on, he walks towards her whilst she looks in amazement at him. As he walks past her she grads his hand and he turns and then they stare at each other longingly, there is then a fade out into a still of the fragrance.

Advert 3

This advert begins with an establishing shot of a couple having lunch together at an outside table liker a picnic. There are close ups of both of them, the girl looks smug however the boy looks unhappy. Next there is a mid shot of another girl walking past, she spots them and looks unhappy, she then goes to her pocket, pulls out the fragrance, sprays herself and then looks mischievous. She then walks over and attempts to ruin their perfect scene, she will do this by sitting on the boys lap and provoking a miming argument between the couple, the girl with the perfume then will push the other girl away and she will walk away hand in hand with the boy. There will then be a fade out which goes into a still of the perfume.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

what im doing at the moment

Im sorry that I didn't post yesterday as i was very busy, and again will not be doing much on here tonight as I will be concentrating on my storyboards, will upload these as soon as im done. It may be in a few days though as I might notr have much time over half term as I am very busy seeing unerversitys and with my bday :) but will upload what im doing as soon as I have the chance.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Big Decision

So after alot of careful deliberation I decided to revert back to the slapstck style as it allows for more humour, varous different ideas as can now build a sort of narrative and appeal to a wider market segmant with pop music.

Evaluation of My storyboards and treatment

Initailly I really liked my idea as it combined my love and passion of R&B with an aspiration of mine to maybe one day go on to do advertising or PR as a career, but back to the point I thought i had done very well combining these two things. I belive my advert would fit in very well with this R&B style I am trying to convey whilst also being appealing to my target audience. Although after I got feedback from my teacher and we had a few lessons on advertising I started to think that my adverts were maybe over complilicated, aimed a t a very niche market segmant and too short. although when I went to change this I realised that I couldnt really as there was very little i could differenterate whilst keeping the R&B conventions, it was very restraining and allowed me very little room for change. So I started to think that maybe I should revert back to my initial ideas of having a slapstick style and concentrating more on that idea (like the Lynx adverts) whilst I have the time to change my idea.

My Treatment


Advert 1
The advert opens with an establishing shot of the area and goes to mid shots of the two main people, the boy and girl who should automatically along with all the other features should create a romantic essence emphasised by the song (J Holiday – Suffocate). These other features are the slow range of cuts and the slow paced music adding tot the R&B theme which I am presenting in my advert. Something I was careful to stay clear from in my planning of all my adverts was the cliché attraction scenarios building up attraction in a very stereotypical way due to my research into other fragrance adverts and research of R&B which showed me that they do not present the creating of a romance but two people who are obviously drawn into each other and the audience doesn’t care how they got there, but that they desire each other.

Advert 2
This advert will start with an establishing shot is a mid shot of the girl in the for view with the boy looking on in the background, this is when the music will start, this song (Neyo – Spotlight) is a very upbeat R&B song which is about a women being the desire of all men who know her. This links in to my idea for the advert as the women will constantly be in the for view or on a higher platform connoting not only her importance to the boy but the lust as he is always putting her at the top of his desires. The main purpose of this is to appeal to an audience who also believe their girlfriend/wife is the most important thing in their life and portraying the perfume as linking in with this ideology will motivate the target audience to buy the product to show their love. Likewise women will buy it for themselves as they will buy into the ideology of having a boyfriend/husband who will put her above everything.

Advert 3
This advert represents the basic routes of simple R&B, boy and girl attraction. This is a very simple, slow placed advert with a variety of dissolves and fades linking in with the slow paced chorus of the song (Jhevon Paris – Neva eva). This should attract my target audience as the basic R&B appeal will draw them in and they will buy into the ideologies of people wearing Calvin Klien Obsession will have the perfect romance.

Why I chose my target audience
I chose my target audience of 15-35 male and females as these are the main ages when people will be going out so therefore wanting not only to look good but also smell good. Also this age is the main age for people wanting to settle down with a boy or girl for life, even at the younger age of 15 hormones create that effect on someone of wanting a strong passionate romance.

My USP (unique selling point)
My USP is the slow paced feel which goes hand in hand with R&B style, when most fragrance adverts now will focus on the sleek fast paced lifestyle, which I believe most people are getting very bored of and finding very superficial and hopefully my adverts will appeal to the deeper emotions of my target audience.

My Storyboards

Sorry the quality is bad but I had to take photos from my phone of them as I have no access to a scanner or digital camera at the moment. I hope still though you get the idea of them and I will upload my treatment which should help understanding of it.

The last things to remember specificaly for the R&B genre I am going to convey

  • The target market is mainly going to be 15-35 for modern R&B music which has changed from the tradtional Motown stuff which I am avoiding as it isnt appealing to many in my target audience.
  • Codes and conventions - sow paced, passion, love, emphasies on a boy and girl, modern attitudes
  • Post modern
  • Selling an ideoligy- an aspiration which my target market will want; a strong desireable relationship
  • Black and white, dark colours, reds

One of the main challenges which i need to overcome

A huge problem which i need to sort out is that with R&B songs, espicaly the ones of chosen, having a strong emphasies on love between a boy and girl, is hat I canot show too much interaction between them as it has to be on before the watershed, there will obversily ber nothing obscene but will have to cut down the audience seeing the actual sharing of emotion. Although this is easily oversome by only showing the passion building within the boy and girl relationship however having fade outs when there would be intermacy so leaving it up to the audiences imagination, and hopefuly with the music, slow transitions and facial expressions shown through close ups combined, it will be obvious that they are intermate without actualy showing it, just hinting it.

Things I need to remember about adverts and marketing before I storyboard

These are a few key points of advertising which we looked at from class and which I need to apply to my dverts:
  • USP - the unique use of R&B music and is genre for advertsing
  • Target markek - 15-35 year olds, mainly black and whites, people who are more sensual and therefore most likely to be R&B listeners and people within these segments who go out partying ect alot
  • line of appeal - mostly R&B listeners but also will appeal to few people looking for fragrances
  • How to keep my adverts appealing to my audience -Include R&B songs obvisly, slow paced transitions, close ups and follow the narrative of mos R&B songs by having a boy and girl passionate about each other
  • Product brand - Calvin Klien - very well respected brand with a brand image of modern and fashoinble which I will represent in my adverts through the music.

What Obsesion connotes

These are my ideas of words linked in with Obsession which would sound good in a voice over in one or more of my adverts:
  • fascination
  • enchant
  • desire
  • temptation
  • mesmorize
  • seduction

I like these words in the context as they are very passionate words showing desire and longing agiain linking back to the slow paced R&B feel I am going for and would be perfect within a voice over.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Which Fragrance to use

The fragrance I choose needs to have a distinctive name which has a lo of positive connatations of love, passion and desire whilst the bottle needs to be able to look good within my advert. In addition obvisly needs to be a male/female fragrace and fairly affordable for me.

The 1st fragrance is Calvin Klein CK One Unisex Fragrance 200ml EDT Spray
Good Points
  • Well recognised name
  • Good colouring
  • Good size for an advert

Bad Points

  • Not a good product name
  • expensive

Thesecond fragrance is Jean Paul Gaultier 2 Unisex Fragrance 120Ml Edp Spray

Good Points

  • Fairly well known name
  • Good size for an advert

Bad Points

  • Very expensive
  • Bad colours
  • Bad product name

The 3rd fragrance is Eternity (L) EDP 30ml spray

Good Points

  • great product name
  • fairly affordable
  • well recognised brand
  • good colouring

Bad Points

  • very small for an advert
  • unatrasctive bottle

The 5th fragrance is Obsession Cologne by Calvin Klein 125 ml eau de toilette spray for Men/Women

Good points

  • great product name
  • well known brand
  • affordable
  • good colouring
  • good size for filming
  • good shape

Bad Points

  • Seperate boy and girl bottles but thats easily overcome by not focusing to much on the labeling on the bottle

In conclusion i think the best fragrance to use is Calvin Klien Obsession as its name connotes passion and desire, its affordable, good colour and presentation in the bottle, good size for it aswell and Calvin Klien is a well respected name which will have a big market audience already to appeal to.

Evaluation of advert simular to mine

There are quite a few things which I can take from this and apply to my adverts:

  • blacks and white
  • lots of close ups
  • slow transitions
  • slow paced music
  • man and women
  • voice over
  • shows the perfume
  • short narrative
  • quoatation from "The Great Gatsby" I could find a quatation like that for mine

Thursday, 16 October 2008

My first decision on which music genre to use and the target market

I first decided that R&B would be the best genre to use as it can help create a slowpaced relaxing atmosphere which i can add to through my filming, editing and mise en scene. Futhermore the songs which I have chosen are some of my personal favorites so will not get bored or uninterested in it. With this genre of R&B I plan to aim my product at a 15-35 age range with a mixture of white and black market as R&B will appeal to both. Although will mainly only arouse interest from females as its a very women dominated market both fragerance and R&B,soI will overcome this by having a man in it which men willaspire to amnd want to be, and a women who they will want toappeal with and appeal to their romantic interests.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Research - looking at the two different styles of music - carried on

Next I looked at the R&B style genre and the type of songs that would go well with it.

The 1st song I looked at was Jhevon Paris - Neva Eva

This has a great chorus which pretty much embodies all of Rnbs slow paced, relaxed, passionate and loving conventions. However the chorus bieng rap/Hip Hop would be a problem, however easy to overcome if I just edited out the verse and just had the chorus repeated twice to fill up around 30 secs, it is a very catchy chorus which would defiantly appeal to R&B fans.

I would rate this 5/5 for use in my adverts.

The second song which I have looked at is J holiday - Suffocate

I like this song as it also incaptualates all the conventions of R&B, however it may be too slow paced for a main stream audience, however if I chose an R&B style this chorus would be perfect for rperesenting all the conventions trhough the narative of the advert.

I would give this 3/5 for using in my advert

The 3rd song which I looked at was Neyo - Spotlight

This has a great rythem to it which is very catchy and beaty, aslo providing a very good feel good tone shich most R&B songs do not provide making this song appealing to most people. Also it can be appealing to both genders as even though the lyrics are about a girl
most boys think this way about a certain women, also the theme of the spotlight is something which could be included within the filming of the advert.

I would give this 5/5 for the use in one of my adverts

These are the R&B sons which I would include if I was to chose R&B, my next step is to compare the two styles and see which one will work best.

Research - looking at the two different styles of music

I decided to start my research of the two types of music with the slapstick, comedy style.

The first song which I have chosen to evauluate is Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend:

I like this song as it has a very good pop feel to it which makes it very fun and an enjoyable song. It would fit in well ith a fragrace advert as the song basicly implies girls having control and having a good time, furthermore it would fit in very well with a younger audience of 15-35 which will probaly be my target audience. Although it would prety much only appeal to girls so would cut out a huge target market.

For using this within my advert Would give this song a 4/5.

The second song which I have decided to look at is Avril Lavigne - Skater Boy:

I really like the idea of using this song in an advert as its a fun song whic also shows alot of girl power and girls having power whic could be perfect for a fragrance aimed at girls. Another great thing about this song is that it is well known so will easily catch an audiences attention, but maybe it bieng so well known can mean it is too overused.

For using this song in my adveret I would give it a 4/5

The 3rd song which I am looking at is Legs like that - Zebrahead

This song would be good to use in a fragrance advert as it implies within in the song all the ideoligies which I would want to sell, a girl looking good and getting all the attention. It also has a very catchy rythem to it which woldattract alot of atention, whilst also bieng fairly unkown so has no negativeconnations to it which oter songs by well known bands or singers might have ie Amy Winehouse asscoited with drugs, however this song is accosiated with wrestling so obvsily that will have some negative connatations, but I believe th advert would be very different to wrestling obversily and would have a very fun, light hearted tone to it.
I would give this song a 5/5 for using for one of y adverts.

The 4th song I looked at usng was Scouting for Girls - James Bond

This song has a great chorus which is very catchy and light hearted. Also the words "wish I was James Bond" would be very easy to act out within an advert making it a very good choice for my fragrace advers, however maybe the verses are a bit slow paced and boring.

I would give this song a 4/5 for the purpose of bieng used in my advert.

The 5th song which I looked at was Scouting For Girls - Shes so lovely

THis song isvery lighthearted and catchy, although is used an awful lot, its even in another advert realesed a few weeks ago so it might be better to chose another less well known song, but the song can appeal to both boys and girls which is a very useful factor.

For using this song in my advert I would give it 3/5.

The 6th song I looked at was Everywhere - Yellow Card:

This is a great song as its very remeberall and that type of song which can stick in someones head, also it can appeal to both genders. It howeer maybe to "rocky" and not enough pop to appeal to a wide audience which there will be for a tv advert, however still think this song is great for an advert and has great lyrics which could be used for a narrative within an advert.

I would give this song a 5/5 for the purpose of my advert.

With these songs I will compare them to the R&B style songs and see which type I prefer, If I choose this type of song genre I will thennarrow it down to three later on.

I had some problems here because I did not now how to put an mp3 up on this, so decided to use the video of the song instead. Although was not able to use the liscienced song video off Youtube as there was no embed allowed so I overcame this by typing in after the song title and artist "lyrics" which allowed me to embed it.

Initial Ideas

I had a few ideas at first which I thought would be good for me to advertise:
Fruit Shoot
Computer Game

I thought about these carfully and decided after carefull consideration that the best thing to advertise would be fragrance, this is because there are various different aspects which I could include within my advert such as a slapstick style or slow paced R&B style. I have decided however to put a huge emphaisis on music as I believe good music can make a great video.

I then did alot of deliberation on what sort of adsvert to make it, I had two choices which both seemed good, a slapstickalmost comedy sort of fragrance advert or a slow paced R&B style. this obversily effects alot, not only the way in which it will have to be represented in the advert from filming teqnickes and editing such as transitions and the length of shot, but also the target makrket, as these are two differentesinsing genres which will obvislyappeal more to certain people. So to overcome this I decided to look into certain songs which I can use for my adverts as the songs are a big factor as I mentioned before, futhermore the song video can give me insperation for my adverts for what to include,storyline wise.


The main meduim which I used to research from was the internet,as it is t6he best way to get videos at ease and search for key information I need and narrow down my findings.

The first thing I researched was the genre R&B:

What is R&B?

R&B is a genre of music which stems and takes influence from the slave era, but most recently Motown. However nowadays R&B is not only just a music genre it is a way of life, a style. This style is a very slow paced one, filled with much emotion and feelings.

Where did R&B come from?

R&B began in the 1940s as rhythm and blues music. Although the acronym "R&B" originates from its association with traditional rhythm and blues music. It also takes many influences from jazz, soul and gospel.

What is R&B’s style?

Slow paced and full of emotion, the main conventions bieng about love, desire and passion however there are a few exceptions.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Fragrance Advert From Youtube that I liked

I found this intresting due to theuse of olours, how it relates to what I want to do and that they dont show the product until the end, also i found the music to be very well used which is something i need to concentrate on

Friday, 27 June 2008


this is my new blog which i created so i can keep an online diary (record) of my A2 coursework, I will use it to record my progress and use it for links to both interesting websites and videos.