Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Frustraiting Day

Today had a big problem, I went to book out a camera to film advert 3, but there weren't any left, very annoying. I checked the booking out sheet and there should have been one or two free, but obviously not, cant begin to explain how frustrating that is. Everything else was fine, the weather, actors where free and ready, setting was okay to use, overall the preparation was perfect, yet that's no use when there are no cameras.

Although I know I'm not the sort of person to let something get in my way, so tomorrow will book a camera for Monday after school. I would do it sooner but have to ILP days for English and then a taster day at Southampton Solent on Friday. Wish I had booked out earlier, although I have learned from this and will book out early for Monday, this should guarantee the progress I need to make, which I am ready for.

Overall a very frustrating day in terms of filming, but will look on the positive side, I can prepare for Monday, and get on with other work whilst learning from this setback.

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