Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Since the start of my coursework I have made significant progress with my adverts, yet I feel I am still behind where I would preferably like to be. The reason for his I think is problems with time management at first, initial planning issues and inexperience with filming. I feel personaly I have developed a lot within myself in terms of planning my time, as honestly I see English as my first choice subject which I planned my future around (English and PR at university, going into PR and then eventually becoming an English teacher) so I thought I needed to put most my time and effort into English. However I have now learned that although my future may primarily focus on English I need to focus on all 3 of my subjects to get to university and put all my effort into all 3, as I have no problem with putting full effort into everything so now work to my full capability, not just in school but everything in life, and doing this coursework has taught me that all aspects in my life are equal, all parts of my life must be equal to achieve my aspirations (which are clear in my mind). This applies to my adverts as when I started I did lack behind with my planning which has effected the time I can put into each, however I have greatly improved this to work to my full potential, so now I feel what I am producing now is of my highest quality. Yet the time management issues at the beginning mean I am under pressure with the deadline, but I know I thrive under pressure so hopefully will still bring out my best.

In addition to time management skills, which will be incredibly important for PR I also feel I have developed and matured my creative side. Such skills as manipulation through what is communicated to the audience, and how to control this to divulge the ideologies which I want to show, a vital characteristic for PR which is good to mature through this, as before it was only seeing how others did this through literature. Furthermore another skill I have matured is Independence, I knew right from the beginning of this coursework that I wanted to work alone as I do like to get credit for my work, but also learn best from making my own mistakes. The mistakes I have made I have learned from (such as filming the hole advert in 1 go instead of sections). I have been like this for some time in my own life, however can put into action this characteristic was important for me, because as they say "words are cheap". I have proved to myself and others I am able to work by myself very well, under pressure and growing my understanding of new skills, as I have a hunger to learn, so to achieve my goals in life. This Independence was important to prove to myself as I have always worked well in a team, either leader or follower, but felt I had this side to myself but needed to prove I can work under solitude, which I can. Moreover for PR I learned that an in-house job is necessary, s from my adverts I have discovered I enjoy working on something I have a passion for, and could not work with a product I dislike as I know I have a lot of passion which I need to capulise upon.

I have for some time been a deep thinking person, not only about my own life but with such things as English literature or even music lyrics. This has developed though my coursework as it has given mean opportunity to evaluate my own work, reflect on it and analyse. I feel as of now I have a very good advert 1, meeting the codes and conventions I set for myself through my research, likewise advert 2 fits perfects and works very well. Although I would have liked to been able to finish them by now, but due to a poor start that isn't the case, but now I've improved my work ethic I'm getting there a lot faster and am on the right track.

My next steps are to complete advert 2 by re filming (planned for Thursday) and editing (Friday) and completing advert 1 by getting the picture which I need and the voice over. I will then start advert 3 hopefully the 1st of march, leaving enough time for re shoots and editing.

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