Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My slogan

Today suddenly a slogan came to me that I thought would be great, its;

Release your inner essence

This I thought would be great as its pretty slapstick and not serious so will fit in with my advert campaign. "Release" fits in with the perfume in terms of spraying representing releaseing. "your" included the audience and personalises theadvert, presnting that it could be you, the audience. "inner" suggests that its an inner personality which has to be released. Finally "essense" connotes a smell or fragrance which obverisly represnts the perfume, although it can also be interpretated as personality, which needs to be released through the perfume. I think this fits in graet and is a very good slogan to use. Please give some feedback on my advert so far and my slogan and tell me what you think.

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