Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My Advert 1 So Far

This is what I have so far for my 1st advert. I still need to add two more shots one with the lads looking shocked and in awe, and the last all staring in awe and the middle man faints. I believe this will be very funny and emphaisise the powerfulness of the fragrance. I will film these two shots hoipefuly on monday and fingers crossed can finish my advert by tuesday after a bit more editing, also have to edit the music a bit to fit in. Then I will starton advert 2, and will upload the finished product of advert 1 to see what you guys think :)

The main narrative of this is that the girl walks by without the men noticing, shes disapionted so sprays herself with the perfume, in which makes the lads turn from the great smell, whilst it excites her and reveals her inner personality so therefore entices the boys by pouring water down herself which arouses the boys even more (what she initaialy wnated, the boys to notice her) she then walks of leaving boys stunned and her pleased with herself.

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