Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Conventions of Advertising

Advertising is very closely linked to marketing and PR. It is the form in which all media companies will try to show off their products to the consumers.
the process of advertising is a very important one within most compnaies as its the creates the drive from the consumer to buy it. A good advertising campaign should entice their target audience into making the client want to buy thisd product. A very well used process within the adverts now is to sell not soley the product, but an ideology. For example Flora margerine companies wont just advertsie the margerine, but also an ideoligy of a happy family all siting around a table eating breakfast; this is what they are really selling. Of course this cant happen just from buying Flora margerine, however Flora making this seem as if it is true means it is a great advertsing scheme, which fills its purpose to sell.

Likewise things like kitchen and toilet cleaners will advertsie the product with not an ideoligy of family, but makiing the audience say "how did I ever live without this?" They achieve this by representing the product as so useful and so superior that it beats all the competition (shown when they will usauly compare it to another brand) and have everyone react so amazed to it on the advert, the consumer wll forget its just a cosmetic product and believe its a miracle worker.

Another scheme used by compnaies to sell their product through advertising can be humour. Comedy if used tastefuly and noty over the top can work brilliantly. For example the Lynx adverts always show humour, but always manage to send out a very strong message; Lynx will make you more attractive. this comedy effect is very hard to get correct but when its in balanced its a great way to entice an audience. It has very simple messages yet promotes the product very well.

Most adverts will also always have a lead character, someone rememberale and likeable. this lead character may have a slogan or a specific personna in which they play which advertsies the product. Slogans and characters are used in the same way, through representation of them loving the product, and if the audience respond well to the character they too will wnat it, although it does not have to be a real life character, some of the best characters are puppets such as the PG Tips Monkey.

Advertsing is key as its the main way to build a rapport between the company and product (besides PR). Without this process their would be an empty hole within the chain of distribution from where it is created to when it is sold, knowone will buy an unknown product. Additionally it can help with market research, knowing what the consumer likes allows for gaps in the market, new ideas and knowing what the public want improved.

the main ways in which to advertise are the following:
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Brouchers
  • Internet
  • Bill Boards
  • Flyers

A good compnay and advertsiing scheme will embody all of these for the most powerful advertsing campaign possible to captivate the most people into wanting their product.

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