Wednesday, 10 December 2008

This is my advert 1 so far. I still need to film the boys reaction to her. sort out the image of the perfume and include my slogan with the image, edit down the song and maybe re film Jess depending how it looks after all of the previous. 

The bits I really like and think work well are the;
  • Music - as I believe it fits my target audience well and is very catchy and upbeat, comparing to the main female and what the effects of the perfume are. 
  • The transitions work very well, especially the push when the boys all look in awe at her as it also adds to the comedic effect whilst portraying her as eye catching. In addition to this the clips with no transitions, such as the spraying of the perfume work very well as its fast paced which I want as it connotes it being an easy way of achieving attraction. 

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Mr James Michie said...

Stan - you have demonstrated competency throughout the extract. Your use of camera is mainly effective with some variety of shot distances and angles.

Also, your editing is mostly effective adhering to the conventions of advertising.

Your use of sound is ok although some evidence of diegetic sound would increase the realism of the ad.

your use of non-diegetic sound is ok and the track cetainly fits your target demographic however I feel that it is poorly edited and does not do as much for the message of the ad as it could - please consider changing this.

What's more - your range of shots and mise-en-scene could be improved with re-shoots - the ad to some extent needs to be more sexier. Shots of the protagonist waving their hair / water spraying towards camera would be effective. Also, better reaction shots from the male characters would be useful.

Finally, your ident needs to be created in Photoshpop - you have just stuck a found image on. And there needs to be a voice over tied in with the humour of the ad.

At this stage you would achieve a Level 2 (D grade)

Mr. M.