Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Evaluation of my work so far - what I will do next year

At this moment I have an almost completed advert 1 (needs just a few tweaks and other shots) which shouldnt take too long, it advertises the product, has a good humourous narrative and an upbeat and catchy song.

I did not manage to meet the deadline as I had alot of work from drama with the drama exam conflicting witht he deadline which didnt only effect me but most my actors. For the deadline we where meant to have rough cuts of all 3 madverts, which I do not. Although once back from xmas can complete advert 1 easily and get working on the other ones fast, although I do foresee a problem with having two other media exams in jan along with an English exam, which will effect me, but all three are less time consuming than drama so hopefuly will find the time for my adverts, I doubt I will have any problems when I get back in completing the filming pretty fast. so i believe by the end of feb I will have defiantly met the deadline, maybe even finished before if i really put the work in, and with the whole month of feb free from exams I should be able to do this as can pirotise the media production.

Although this has not been an easy process for me so far. At first it took a while to get on its feet as my storyboards semed to lack something and I couldnt quite see what it was, until I changed my idea away from the R&B style, which helped very much giving fresh new ideas, and enabled me to be able to add a bit of humour. Othe rproblems whilst filming included the weather which was very unpredictable with mist and rain on days, although once this was over come it went alright. another problem once filming I had to sort out was that my oriogional position to film was bieng used by a PE lesson so hd to find another place, although this worked very well as now its almost a school parady made by the the mise en scene which will appeal to the target audience more. The cameras would cause me problems when I tried to export as it would run out of battery and the charger would be broken so would have to take the battery out and then charge it to get the tape out, and once out it all was one clip which 4 mins long, although this was overcome with cutting the scenes only taking ten mins. In addition to this I have struggled to film recently as have been feeling very ill (like most I have caught the bug) and havehad the problem of my actors wanting to work extra shifts to raise money for xmas which means they have less free time and have not been able to meet my shooting schedule, but this will change next year as they will be free in Jan and Feb.

Overall though the main problem I have is tha the mise en scene doesnt truely fit in, as the school like surroundings add to a certain extent to the narrative, but I cant help but feel my initial place to film would have been better, however I now have so much filming I dont think I can re-shoot.

Next year I do not know the exact dates as I need to see whn people are free, so have no shooting schedule quite yet. Although I know I can finish ad 1 within the 1st and atleast second weeks back which means I will be right on track to finich all 3 adverts by the middle of Feb, and have the rest of time until the deadline for re touches and defining it to make it better.

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