Sunday, 15 February 2009

Analysis so far

I feel I have already said what I wish to proceed with doing after half term, with regards to re filming and the 3rd advert. Although I believe now would be a good time to be reflective, however since my advert 2 will need to be re filmed I can't evaluate it to the extent I want to, so will focus on advert 1, which still needs a few minor tweaks such as the voice over and fragrance photo with the titles, but is pretty much complete.

Firstly to do this I have found another advert of very similar style, to compare my ideologies, theme and codes and conventions to.

Well the obvious difference is this is targeted solely for men, whereas my fragrance is uni-sex which means I have to appeal to both genders, advert 1 is more focused to market to females, but still has appeal for men, whereas advert 2 is mainly for men but ladies can see the funny side of it and buy into it also.

The first thing that draws the viewer in in this advert I feel is the music. The soundtrack is very uplifting with a catchy rhythm tat will stay in the audiences head, adding to the adverts success as it impacts the viewer. Furthermore this music is diegetic sound as they are in a club, emphasised with the beaty 80's music, denoting they are in a relaxed place having fun, and appealing to a younger market that will go out to clubs, and the older range of people who go out often as they will know the song. The music captures the essence of what is happening, emphasising the fun and appealing lifestyle, presented also through the lyrics "I like to party", proving once more whom the fragrance is aimed at, the younger who go out to clubs often, any skin colour as the music is fun and full of rhythm with the added appeal of it being R&B to appeal to a more African American segment, moreover it is seen as an advert appealing to the younger as some older adults would not approve of the culture of clubbing and picking up girls.

This compares to my advert as the music is again very likable, with a good fast paced rhythm that will appeal to most. The lyrics also can represent the narrative, "here she comes again" portraying she is on their mind through "again", yet also implying they do not pay to much attention to her, similar to the opening of my advert. However the chorus "shes at the top of her game" connotes how she is sexy, appealing and on their minds, shown through my footage of the boys looking on in awe. These lyrics also show that the girl can be appealing and attractive through spraying the fragrance which gives her the confidence to release the naughty side concealed in her, "release your inner essence" represents this, and poor the water down herself to attract the boys. Although both very contrasting of music, they both portray the same emotion of having fun, which I want Calvin Klein Obsession to denote, hence why I changed the typical PR marketing of it being sophisticated and only for the beautiful, as spraying this perfume will release your inner beauty/naughtier side. Another big paradox with my music is that it is not diegetic, the Lynx advert being in a club allows for music to be there, however mine had to be added as obviously outside there is no music. Although I did notice there was no sound of footsteps or other diegetic sounds in the club, which is a common code and convention with these types of adverts, hence why in mine there is no sound of footsteps, water flowing or sound of the boy hitting the ground, as it would take away the impact of the song. I think the song works really well, it compares to the professional advert in impact as it is a song which will stay in the viewers head, reminding them of my advert, furthermore t sets the scene for my advert, it is the first thing that the viewer will notice so has the effect of alluring them whilst portraying the scenario.

In addition to the sound giving it pace, in the Lynx advert there is also only mainly straight cuts, which adds to the speed of it. This I have followed to some extent within mine, especialy with the bit where she sprays herself, which I wanted fast as it represents how fast the fragrance is to work. I think this comes of really well as there is a variety of different shots which emphasises the fastness of it. Furthermore this speed is established by the contrast of slower cross dissolves and fades earlier on in my advert. I used this editing as I felt I first needed to establish the narrative, which was not shown through the mice en scene like the club in the Lynx advert. I felt also it was needed to establish the setting a it is key to portraying the meaning of the advert and the impact of the fragrance. I think my choice of editing works very ell as it gives pace when needed but slows it down when necessary.

Something I touched on before was the variety of shots, within the Lynx advert there are only a few different ones, as most are mid shots or close ups. This is the same in mine, most of the advert is in mid shot view so the audience sees the main action that is progressing. Although I did use a long distance shot for my establishing shot to present that the boys where walking and it sets the scene well. The close ups where only used in my advert when Jess is spraying herself and when she is pouring water down herself, it was important to have close ups here as it brings the viewer more into the action, emphasising what she is doing and the importance of it. I think these shots worked well, however I do wish I had a few more close up shots of her pouring water as I feel it lacks to some extent, although I think I covered this up well with the boys actions after she had done this.

I would say the one aspect of my advert I am disappointed with is the mise en scene, it shows it was a cold day, wet and windy and dreary looking building do not portray the fun theme I wanted. Especially comparing to the Lynx advert with a club being the setting. If I could change this I would have it on a sunny day on a nice park or field somewhere.

Overall I really like my first advert, it portrays the ideologies and themes I wanted it to whilst showing the impact of the fragrance which I wanted. I put my advert up on Facebook and this is some of the feedback I have had, which I value as they fit my target audience. "thats amazing!ahahaha the guys make me chuckle and jess looks so smug lol" and "thats wellll goood!". So I think with my first advert I have met the codes and conventions well, subverted the typical marketing PR of Calvin Klein and made an advert that appeals to my target audience.

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