Sunday, 15 February 2009

New Idea For advert 1

After comparing my advert to the Lynx one I also had a great idea for the still photo of the fragrance for my advert. Above is a still of what inspired me.
I think for my advert one instead of having Jess hold the fragrance which would be so cheesey and cliche, I felt I needed a new idea. So my idea is having a still of the lads when steve has fainted, so a gap in the middle, and I will photoshop the fragrance over the gap in the middle. This will connote to the viewer the fragrance is what caused the men to be amazed. Furthermore having "release your inner essence" above this will show what happens when you spray the perfume, emphasised by the bottle. I will think this over, however I am thinking this idea could work very well.

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