Thursday, 19 February 2009

Comparing my Inspiration for Advert 2 to the actual advert

As I have already stated previously I am planning to re film advert 2 so cant compare it too much, however will compare the ideas and concepts whilst picking up key codes and conventions from it. The advert I am comparing mine to is in the below post.

Key Concepts from the advert;
  • Music that fits the one of advert
  • Close ups
  • Quick cuts
  • Subverting typical women stereotypes
  • Lots of Dialogue

These I feel are the main techniques which make the work so well.

The first thing that a viewer will be drawn o is the music, this is what will catch there attention if they are not watching or if they are will set the mood. This advert utilizes music very well as it fits the parts that are meant to be seductive whilst adds to the humour of some parts. I feel the music I chose, "Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On" achieves this also. It adds to the humour with subverting typical stereotypes of women as the music has to be seductive as it is a paradox of the usual impact of a fart. No song is better than "Lets Get It On" I feel as it is an iconic song representing sexiness, along with its lyrics, and can also reach a wide audience as my target audience will know of Marvin Gaye and more then likely be a fan so the music will catch their attention. It is for that purpose along with the seductiveness I chose this song, which also provides humour as it goes completely against the typical reaction to a fart, comparing to how the Lynx advert contrasting stereotypes.

Furthermore close ups are used to a great extent within the advert, they draw the viewer in and make them feel part of it by making the audience feel as if they are included. With my advert I have also included a lot of close ups to show the reactions of the people as they are key, not only to tell the story of disgust and then seduction but the impact of the fragrance which is the main ideology behind it and what I want to sell the fragrance to my target market through.

The inclusion of quick cuts within the Lynx advert provide the purpose of quickly going from one seen to the next, emphasising how many girls it can attract. However my advert only has one seen unlike the Lynx one which has many, so my cuts do not provide the same purpose. There are a few quick cuts such as when the boy sprays himself as it shows the speed of which the impact takes place whilst emphasising the product. Though are many cross dissolves and fade ins and outs which slow down the pace to go with the seductive tone which is created by the music.

The subverting of women stereotypes in the Lynx advert works very well as it creates the humour whilst showing the impact of Lynx. My advert I feel does this also very well as it has the humour of the girl liking when the man farts, emphasised by "I love your fragrance" which also represent the impact of the fragrance, moreover humour is made through the parody of "release your inner essence".

In the Lynx advert there is a lot of dialogue which creates the humour. I am not sure though if dialogue is needed as much in mine as the scenario is already made obvious through the diegetic sound of the fart and the music, whilst the line "I love your fragrance" merely adds to this. I feel more talk is not needed as the close ups of the reactions can tell the story better,m whilst the music and sound adds to it.

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