Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Advert 1 so far

This is my advert 1 so far, as you can see I have re filmed the lads so its all in the same weather, plus I have changed the music so to fit in, which I found very difficult as the singing really makes it hard to edit as you can tell where its been cut, so I worked on this and am very happy with the final out come. Still need to change the photo and titles, which I will do once I have a picture of Jess, which i may not be able to do tomorrow as she has a test, but Friday hopefully can do this and have a lot of frees to work on this, furthermore need to geta girl again to say "release your iner essance" as its very quiet hence why its at the end which doesnot work, and will have this done by friday, so far on track!

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