Saturday, 24 January 2009


Sadly it looks like I'm not going to meet the deadline for this week, but I think most disappointing for me is that I missed my own deadline I set myself. Although looking back with hindsight i can see why this happened, I had 3 exams which I had to exert a lot of focus towards as I believe what you put into something is what you will get out of it, so hopefully as I put the hard work into the exams my grade will represent that. But with these exams the adverts had to take back seat for a while, I still worked on them but not as much as I would liked to but exams then where priority. Yet now they are finished and this week I am very determined to at the very least complete my 1st advert which is shaping up nicely and get going on the 2nd one. I know this week I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday in Oxford which I cant get out of, but I wont let this get in the way of working on my adverts. Hopefully if evryone is free for filming I will re film the lads on Monday during my frees or at last resort after school even though I have planned to do English work then, but coursework now is proity. Of course the weather plays a big importance, and can only hope that its suitable unlike last time. Once I have this footage I can really get working on completing advert 1, as I tried after school on Thursday to work on it but realised most of what i had to do depended on either that footage, or would change once I have that footage, fr example there is no point changing the music to fit in yet as the timings will differ with the new footage. I am very determined a passionate about meeting my own deadline now, and believe this time next week my advert 2 will be up and running, I can now put this top of my list of things to do.

On Thursday though I did manage to edit the clip where Jess looked on wondering why the boys didn't pay more attention to her and longing for their appreciation. I made this clip longer by getting rid of the cross dissolve I had and and putting in one which is a lot faster, so to keep with the rhythm of the music, but most importantly to represent this sadness and longing more to the viewer, so to contrast with how she feels after putting on the perfume, so the perfume is the catalyst and stimulus for these new emotions.

Next week I plan to:

  • Re-film the lads (hopefully Monday in my frees) and change the first shot of them, probably a side shot and they will look on pointing but not over acting too much
  • Edit the voice over at the start as it is not necessary, the story is told through the action/footage and action, and maybe have just "release your inner essence" at the end
  • Change the editing near the end (after Jess takes her coat off) so to look more professional, as some of the transitions can look a bit slow or sloppy and not fit in, I will try to make them fit in with he beat of the music
  • Change the image, hopefully I'll be able to use photoshop to get a still of Jess holding the bottle, I'm not sure yet but will defiantly know soon, and will get someone to help me with photoshop as have no idea how to use it.
  • Change the font and position of the text, but I will only know where to do put it and how it should look after I've done the photoshop for the bottle.
  • Finally once this is done the music will be out of sync with the footage so I'll fix that and hopeful then will have a complete advert.

If all this goes to plan, which I promised to myself I will try my utmost hardest to make sure it will, I can get going on my second advert by latest Friday.

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