Thursday, 8 January 2009

My Advert 1 so far

So far my advert 1 I think is really progressing and looking good. I am on course to have it completed for next week. I will need to re-shoot the boys reaction as is happened to snow as soon as I started filming, but I decided to go ahead with it so to gage how it would look. The music is a lot better now I have cut the start as the lyrics "here she comes again" fits in with her walking. Likewise having the chorus hit as soon as she starts pouring the water means it gives an added effect to it. Also the music is quieter at the start so to allow for a voice over I will get a girl to do next week. For advert 1 I still need to:
  • Re-film the boys reactions
  • Get a voice over
  • add the image of the Calvin klien Obsession bottle

The voice over I have planned to say the following:

Tired of not being noticed

Want the boys attention

Its only 1 spray away

release your inner essence

Leave them stunned

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