Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My Advert 1 So Far

This is my advert 1 so far, I am very happy it in many ways. I have added a still of the perfume bottle near the end, so to emphasise Calvin Klein obsession as what Jess sprays could be any perfume. Although it would look more effective if the transitions where longer for it so it almost merged with Jess walking so it would show the perfume is what made her exotic. I think this would be very effetcive and will work on it when I next have the chance.

Furthermore to this I added the "release your inner essence" motto, which I really like, especially coming up as soon as Jess has just stunned the boys, but I feel I need also to add Calvin Klein Obsession so to add to the effect being presented as coming from this brand of perfume.

cThe voive over I think is excellent. I had a lot of trouble at first with having it with the music as the talk over cant go as loud as the music a. I still think now that I will make the music a bit more quiet at the start so to emphasise the voice over, which is what will at first draw the reader in and engage them. Likewise to this the music when it gets louder i too loud and needs to be made a bit quieter as Right now it is too much of a comparison.

I did not ave the chance today to re film the boys as they where not free (revising) and sadly I cant tomorrow as I have a test then revision lesson. And seeing as they have lessons on friday i might need to re film on Monday, meaning I might miss the deadline I set myself, although I dnt see this as too much of a problem as it is only 1 day, and if I work on Friday with he other changes I need to make I have the opportunity to have the 1st advert finished by Tuesday, and after Wednesday i have no more exams till the summer so can really get going with them.

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