Thursday, 29 January 2009

Advert 2

This is my advert 2 so far. I really think it is shaping up nicely, I learned from the experiences with the 1st advert that I should just film it all in one go and re film what I need. As I have said before the weather was a problem yesterday, but overcome by filming inside. It still needs a soundtrack at the start I think, not sure what yet but just something to match the awkwardness, nothing with lyrics really just a beat. Plus I need to edit the song at the end to be quieter to hear Steve, and need to add something to show the product more clearly, maybe just a title saying "Calvin Klein Obsession" along with "release your inner essence". I think the music I do have works perfectly as it has all the sexual connotations that come with Marvin Gaye, adding to the fragrances effect and i edited it to cut out a part not needed so t have the part at the start everyone knows (especially my target audience) and then goes to "lets get it on".

The main point of this advert is to have a girl saying something she would never say, ie liking the boy farting, so this liking is created through the power of the fragrances effect. Furthermore its a parody of "release your inner essence" hence the fart, which I believe will be appealing to the males (has been very positively commented on by males on Facebook so that proves my theory). Advert 1 is aimed at females whereas advert 2 is aimed at males because Calvin Klein Obsession is a uni sex spray.

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