Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Voice Over

Today I added a voice over to accompany the video, I used Jess (the same girl as I used in the advert) and she said seductively and sexily the voice over I have in the last post. This was hard at first as I had never done this and needed a quite place, easier said than done at break. However we found an empty classroom and the recording want very well.

Once uploaded onto my work, I had the problem that the music was still too loud for it to be heard, which I fixed by lowering the volume of the music. I think this works very well, as the start music is very beaty, and with a seductive voice over it really emphasises the sexiness of my advert. Furthermore I separated voice over into 6 separate parts, so to be able to move them across the timeline, and realised they worked best before she caught the boys attention: as that is what she is speaking about wanting. In addition to this having the volume become louder when she gets their attention ads emphasise on the girl and this part, the crucial part of the advert, as it tells the story of what the perfume achieves doing.

For tomorrow I have prepared a shot of the perfume with pink background which connotes its for girls. This I will add to my advert at the end with a zoom maybe so to add to its effect by drawing the viewer in. On top of this picture I will have the motto "release your inner essence" so to once more show the point of what the perfume does. I will try once I've done this to post the video up here again.

I will also try to re-film the lads reaction (depending on the weather, hopefully no snow or rain!) and replace the older ones where it shows it is snowing. By the I think my advert should be complete, maybe a few minor adjustments, I am hoping I can stick to this schedule as I have an exam on Thursday and two next week so need to finish this advert as soon as I can so o concentrate on advert 2. Right now I believe I am on track to meet the deadline of two completed adverts by the 30th of Jan.

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