Monday, 26 January 2009

So far, so good!

Today I managed to to re film the lads for advert 1, I haven't checked the footage yet but I'm presuming its all good. This means I will have the necessary footage to complete this advert maybe tomorrow. I can now edit the music to fit in with the new music, which in turn means I can edit the transitions and so forth, so it all seems to be wrapping up well for advert 1. Just need to get on with it tomorrow, also needing to sort out the still of Calvin Klein, but once that is done I'm on road to completing it, meeting my deadline I set myself yesterday. Had a slight problem today in that the camera ran out of battery very fast, only had about 2 minutes, but I coped with this by only having it on when needed, and have learned my lesson to always check how long the battery life is on the camera before I take it out.

I can foresee a problem for advert 2 though...I wanted to film Tuesday after school, but Jess is in a PE revision class and Steve has performing Arts rehearsal, so I was hopeful for Wednesday as Steve and Jess are both free...but i might not be, have to go to Oxford for a hospital appointment (very bad timing but couldn't not go as a lot of people had gone out of their way there to get me that appointment and wont get another one for months) the appointment is at 11, so this means I will probably miss the lesson (very annoying as I have to start a new topic by catching up but as everyone keeps on telling me health comes 1st suppose) but providing traffic is okay will be back for end of school, so can film advert 2.

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