Monday, 20 October 2008

Evaluation of My storyboards and treatment

Initailly I really liked my idea as it combined my love and passion of R&B with an aspiration of mine to maybe one day go on to do advertising or PR as a career, but back to the point I thought i had done very well combining these two things. I belive my advert would fit in very well with this R&B style I am trying to convey whilst also being appealing to my target audience. Although after I got feedback from my teacher and we had a few lessons on advertising I started to think that my adverts were maybe over complilicated, aimed a t a very niche market segmant and too short. although when I went to change this I realised that I couldnt really as there was very little i could differenterate whilst keeping the R&B conventions, it was very restraining and allowed me very little room for change. So I started to think that maybe I should revert back to my initial ideas of having a slapstick style and concentrating more on that idea (like the Lynx adverts) whilst I have the time to change my idea.

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