Monday, 20 October 2008

My Treatment


Advert 1
The advert opens with an establishing shot of the area and goes to mid shots of the two main people, the boy and girl who should automatically along with all the other features should create a romantic essence emphasised by the song (J Holiday – Suffocate). These other features are the slow range of cuts and the slow paced music adding tot the R&B theme which I am presenting in my advert. Something I was careful to stay clear from in my planning of all my adverts was the cliché attraction scenarios building up attraction in a very stereotypical way due to my research into other fragrance adverts and research of R&B which showed me that they do not present the creating of a romance but two people who are obviously drawn into each other and the audience doesn’t care how they got there, but that they desire each other.

Advert 2
This advert will start with an establishing shot is a mid shot of the girl in the for view with the boy looking on in the background, this is when the music will start, this song (Neyo – Spotlight) is a very upbeat R&B song which is about a women being the desire of all men who know her. This links in to my idea for the advert as the women will constantly be in the for view or on a higher platform connoting not only her importance to the boy but the lust as he is always putting her at the top of his desires. The main purpose of this is to appeal to an audience who also believe their girlfriend/wife is the most important thing in their life and portraying the perfume as linking in with this ideology will motivate the target audience to buy the product to show their love. Likewise women will buy it for themselves as they will buy into the ideology of having a boyfriend/husband who will put her above everything.

Advert 3
This advert represents the basic routes of simple R&B, boy and girl attraction. This is a very simple, slow placed advert with a variety of dissolves and fades linking in with the slow paced chorus of the song (Jhevon Paris – Neva eva). This should attract my target audience as the basic R&B appeal will draw them in and they will buy into the ideologies of people wearing Calvin Klien Obsession will have the perfect romance.

Why I chose my target audience
I chose my target audience of 15-35 male and females as these are the main ages when people will be going out so therefore wanting not only to look good but also smell good. Also this age is the main age for people wanting to settle down with a boy or girl for life, even at the younger age of 15 hormones create that effect on someone of wanting a strong passionate romance.

My USP (unique selling point)
My USP is the slow paced feel which goes hand in hand with R&B style, when most fragrance adverts now will focus on the sleek fast paced lifestyle, which I believe most people are getting very bored of and finding very superficial and hopefully my adverts will appeal to the deeper emotions of my target audience.

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