Thursday, 23 October 2008

My new storyboards and treatment

Yestarday I completeted my 3 new storyboards which I am unable to upload currently, although when able I will do as soon as possible. However this is my treatmeant which will hopefuly help you to understand my new storyboards, concepts and ideoligies behind it:


My product is Calvin Klien Obsession which is a fragrance for males and females. I chose this because I wanted a fragrance for both sex’s and Calvin Klien is a well known respected name. The main ideology which I am trying to sell through my adverts is that this fragrance can change somebody into what they want to be, allowing them to be more attractive to the opposite sex.

The target audience

My target audience is 15-40. I chose this because this is the main age that people will be going out, and wanting fragrances to smell good. It starts at a young age as I believe that this age group also want to aspire to be like their elders whom will where fragrances. In addition to this there are no other fragrances which target this age so there is no competition. Furthermore my type of slapstick advert will appeal to this age group whilst also appealing to the older section of it due to the scenarios and ideologies are desired by all people.

The USP (unique selling point)

My unique selling point is the humour involved within my adverts. The ideology off spraying the fragrance and then being more attractive to the other gender is something which is also used by Lynx, however to contrast my fragrance from this I will include a more slapstick style approach to it, whilst also appealing to girls which Lynx fails to do.

Advert 1

My first advert opens with an establishing shot of the setting and of the main female character. This is to introduce to the audience the main character and the surroundings. Next the four boys are shown; however they pay no attention to the girl walking. The girl who can now be seen with a water bottle takes a drink as the boys walk past again showing no interest towards her, this disappoints her. Although she gets the perfume bottle out off her pocket and sprays herself, in unison all the boys turn and stare at her in an amazed way. She then notices this so gets the bottle of water and pours it over her head, and posing in an attractive and luring way to the boys who again stare in awe. She then walks off with a wide grin whilst the men are still watching. Then there is a fade out and a still of the bottle of perfume to show which perfume is being advertised. After this it goes back to the women walking and she walks past another girl whom she passes the water bottle and perfume to, this other girl then sprays herself with the perfume and in unison again all the men turn to look at her.

Advert 2

This opens with an establishing shot of a boy sitting on the floor in scruffy clothes looking sad. This changes to a long distance view to a girl whom is walking towards him, this catches his attention. Although the women walks past whilst the boy looks in awe. He then goes to his bag and pulls out the fragrance which he sprays over himself. At once there is a straight cut to the women who turns to look at him in awe, when the camera goes back to the boy he is now standing up, looking happy with a suit on, he walks towards her whilst she looks in amazement at him. As he walks past her she grads his hand and he turns and then they stare at each other longingly, there is then a fade out into a still of the fragrance.

Advert 3

This advert begins with an establishing shot of a couple having lunch together at an outside table liker a picnic. There are close ups of both of them, the girl looks smug however the boy looks unhappy. Next there is a mid shot of another girl walking past, she spots them and looks unhappy, she then goes to her pocket, pulls out the fragrance, sprays herself and then looks mischievous. She then walks over and attempts to ruin their perfect scene, she will do this by sitting on the boys lap and provoking a miming argument between the couple, the girl with the perfume then will push the other girl away and she will walk away hand in hand with the boy. There will then be a fade out which goes into a still of the perfume.

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