Thursday, 16 October 2008

My first decision on which music genre to use and the target market

I first decided that R&B would be the best genre to use as it can help create a slowpaced relaxing atmosphere which i can add to through my filming, editing and mise en scene. Futhermore the songs which I have chosen are some of my personal favorites so will not get bored or uninterested in it. With this genre of R&B I plan to aim my product at a 15-35 age range with a mixture of white and black market as R&B will appeal to both. Although will mainly only arouse interest from females as its a very women dominated market both fragerance and R&B,soI will overcome this by having a man in it which men willaspire to amnd want to be, and a women who they will want toappeal with and appeal to their romantic interests.

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