Thursday, 9 October 2008

Research - looking at the two different styles of music

I decided to start my research of the two types of music with the slapstick, comedy style.

The first song which I have chosen to evauluate is Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend:

I like this song as it has a very good pop feel to it which makes it very fun and an enjoyable song. It would fit in well ith a fragrace advert as the song basicly implies girls having control and having a good time, furthermore it would fit in very well with a younger audience of 15-35 which will probaly be my target audience. Although it would prety much only appeal to girls so would cut out a huge target market.

For using this within my advert Would give this song a 4/5.

The second song which I have decided to look at is Avril Lavigne - Skater Boy:

I really like the idea of using this song in an advert as its a fun song whic also shows alot of girl power and girls having power whic could be perfect for a fragrance aimed at girls. Another great thing about this song is that it is well known so will easily catch an audiences attention, but maybe it bieng so well known can mean it is too overused.

For using this song in my adveret I would give it a 4/5

The 3rd song which I am looking at is Legs like that - Zebrahead

This song would be good to use in a fragrance advert as it implies within in the song all the ideoligies which I would want to sell, a girl looking good and getting all the attention. It also has a very catchy rythem to it which woldattract alot of atention, whilst also bieng fairly unkown so has no negativeconnations to it which oter songs by well known bands or singers might have ie Amy Winehouse asscoited with drugs, however this song is accosiated with wrestling so obvsily that will have some negative connatations, but I believe th advert would be very different to wrestling obversily and would have a very fun, light hearted tone to it.
I would give this song a 5/5 for using for one of y adverts.

The 4th song I looked at usng was Scouting for Girls - James Bond

This song has a great chorus which is very catchy and light hearted. Also the words "wish I was James Bond" would be very easy to act out within an advert making it a very good choice for my fragrace advers, however maybe the verses are a bit slow paced and boring.

I would give this song a 4/5 for the purpose of bieng used in my advert.

The 5th song which I looked at was Scouting For Girls - Shes so lovely

THis song isvery lighthearted and catchy, although is used an awful lot, its even in another advert realesed a few weeks ago so it might be better to chose another less well known song, but the song can appeal to both boys and girls which is a very useful factor.

For using this song in my advert I would give it 3/5.

The 6th song I looked at was Everywhere - Yellow Card:

This is a great song as its very remeberall and that type of song which can stick in someones head, also it can appeal to both genders. It howeer maybe to "rocky" and not enough pop to appeal to a wide audience which there will be for a tv advert, however still think this song is great for an advert and has great lyrics which could be used for a narrative within an advert.

I would give this song a 5/5 for the purpose of my advert.

With these songs I will compare them to the R&B style songs and see which type I prefer, If I choose this type of song genre I will thennarrow it down to three later on.

I had some problems here because I did not now how to put an mp3 up on this, so decided to use the video of the song instead. Although was not able to use the liscienced song video off Youtube as there was no embed allowed so I overcame this by typing in after the song title and artist "lyrics" which allowed me to embed it.

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