Thursday, 23 October 2008

Shooting Schedule

Film advert 1
Tues 4th
Wed 5th
Thur 6th
Fri 7th

editing for advert 1:
Mon 10th
Tue 11th

Filming Advert
Wed 12th
Thur 13th
Fri 14th
Mon 15th

editing for advert 2
Tue 18th
Wed 19th

Filming advert 3
Thur 20th
Fri 21st
Mon 24th
Tue 25th

editing for advert 3:
Wed 26th
Thur 27th

This is not exact as some of the dates will probaly change as I havent asked the people acting in my advert if they are free but i will suspect they will be for most. i have alot of time left at the end too re film anything I need to and mostly concentrate on editing.

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