Thursday, 9 October 2008


The main meduim which I used to research from was the internet,as it is t6he best way to get videos at ease and search for key information I need and narrow down my findings.

The first thing I researched was the genre R&B:

What is R&B?

R&B is a genre of music which stems and takes influence from the slave era, but most recently Motown. However nowadays R&B is not only just a music genre it is a way of life, a style. This style is a very slow paced one, filled with much emotion and feelings.

Where did R&B come from?

R&B began in the 1940s as rhythm and blues music. Although the acronym "R&B" originates from its association with traditional rhythm and blues music. It also takes many influences from jazz, soul and gospel.

What is R&B’s style?

Slow paced and full of emotion, the main conventions bieng about love, desire and passion however there are a few exceptions.

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