Thursday, 9 October 2008

Initial Ideas

I had a few ideas at first which I thought would be good for me to advertise:
Fruit Shoot
Computer Game

I thought about these carfully and decided after carefull consideration that the best thing to advertise would be fragrance, this is because there are various different aspects which I could include within my advert such as a slapstick style or slow paced R&B style. I have decided however to put a huge emphaisis on music as I believe good music can make a great video.

I then did alot of deliberation on what sort of adsvert to make it, I had two choices which both seemed good, a slapstickalmost comedy sort of fragrance advert or a slow paced R&B style. this obversily effects alot, not only the way in which it will have to be represented in the advert from filming teqnickes and editing such as transitions and the length of shot, but also the target makrket, as these are two differentesinsing genres which will obvislyappeal more to certain people. So to overcome this I decided to look into certain songs which I can use for my adverts as the songs are a big factor as I mentioned before, futhermore the song video can give me insperation for my adverts for what to include,storyline wise.

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