Monday, 20 October 2008

Things I need to remember about adverts and marketing before I storyboard

These are a few key points of advertising which we looked at from class and which I need to apply to my dverts:
  • USP - the unique use of R&B music and is genre for advertsing
  • Target markek - 15-35 year olds, mainly black and whites, people who are more sensual and therefore most likely to be R&B listeners and people within these segments who go out partying ect alot
  • line of appeal - mostly R&B listeners but also will appeal to few people looking for fragrances
  • How to keep my adverts appealing to my audience -Include R&B songs obvisly, slow paced transitions, close ups and follow the narrative of mos R&B songs by having a boy and girl passionate about each other
  • Product brand - Calvin Klien - very well respected brand with a brand image of modern and fashoinble which I will represent in my adverts through the music.

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