Thursday, 9 October 2008

Research - looking at the two different styles of music - carried on

Next I looked at the R&B style genre and the type of songs that would go well with it.

The 1st song I looked at was Jhevon Paris - Neva Eva

This has a great chorus which pretty much embodies all of Rnbs slow paced, relaxed, passionate and loving conventions. However the chorus bieng rap/Hip Hop would be a problem, however easy to overcome if I just edited out the verse and just had the chorus repeated twice to fill up around 30 secs, it is a very catchy chorus which would defiantly appeal to R&B fans.

I would rate this 5/5 for use in my adverts.

The second song which I have looked at is J holiday - Suffocate

I like this song as it also incaptualates all the conventions of R&B, however it may be too slow paced for a main stream audience, however if I chose an R&B style this chorus would be perfect for rperesenting all the conventions trhough the narative of the advert.

I would give this 3/5 for using in my advert

The 3rd song which I looked at was Neyo - Spotlight

This has a great rythem to it which is very catchy and beaty, aslo providing a very good feel good tone shich most R&B songs do not provide making this song appealing to most people. Also it can be appealing to both genders as even though the lyrics are about a girl
most boys think this way about a certain women, also the theme of the spotlight is something which could be included within the filming of the advert.

I would give this 5/5 for the use in one of my adverts

These are the R&B sons which I would include if I was to chose R&B, my next step is to compare the two styles and see which one will work best.

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